Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez deliver moving inauguration performances


Inauguration musical performances are tricky but lady gaga jennifer lopez and garth brooks. Did exactly what we needed them to do. By stephanie's jaric when lady gaga the first performer. At the inauguration of president joe biden and vice president kamala harris step toward the podium to sing everything about her that tropical red poof of skirt. The colossal golden dove perched on her shoulder that milk made from moma hairdo. Was celebratory announcement. Welcome to the modern age. Though the road ahead is rocky we no longer need to live and dread gaga living completely in the moment had arrived to point the way toward the future inauguration musical performances in their need to balance solemnity with jubilation are always tricky propositions but the biden harris performances from gaga. Lo and garth brooks performers from disparate backgrounds and different disciplines struck a note. Unlike any we've previously heard let's call it a sigh of relief building to a cheer of exaltation. even the cloud strewn blue of the washington sky seemed key to the moment and to this particular event taking place in a spot where just two weeks ago a bunch of clumsy if dangerous insurrectionist took a run at democracy and failed jennifer lopez was the centerpiece performer. But let's talk about her. First emerging all white chanel. She projected confidence civil woman who has worked her way to the top of her game. White everyone likes to note is one of the colors of the suffragettes. But it's also the color of working people in machine washable cotton and the color of luxury and dry clean only silken wall in this remarkable. Hi lo j. lo outfit replete with snowy gibault possibly a not to the garb of our founding fathers lopez. Saying a remarkable song. This land is your land. It was written in nineteen forty by. Woody guthrie allegedly and shabby hotel room just outside of times square. Not on the six but in close enough for lopez to sing this song a protest anthem but also an irrefutable declaration of belonging with so much conviction and boldness is to bring guthrie's intent and his dream full circle. This is in america. He couldn't have imagined. So terrible in some ways yet so radiant and others here is where woody and his work shirt meets a dazzling latina artists from the bronx who represents not just in terms of any monetary success but in her sheer awesomeness. Everything that an individual is free to strive toward in america. Lopez's version of the song wasn't a reclamation. You can't reclaim something that already belongs to you. And as she segue into the song we sometimes think of as our second national anthem. America the beautiful she reaffirmed that sense of ownership and pride and a breakout moment she shouted out in spanish words that translate into one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all. But you didn't need to speak the language to know what she meant.

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