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This is past Green River. Actually, it's almost right between Green River and the 2 41. There is a vehicle on fire apparently had hit the center divider. And right now, fire crews has to have the fast track lanes stopped in both directions. Eastbound and westbound Toland's and the westbound side. The left. Three lanes are also blocked as they take care of this, so I do see some slowing on both sides. And what's gonna add to that slow down is the eastbound side of the 91. There is some roadwork. That area, So they already had a lane closed. So that's just gonna slow you down. Ah, little bit more involved One part of the 10 east it, Frasier, This is a big rig in two cars collided. They've got all lane stopped right now, The back of starts at the 605 seeing some heavy back up on the eastbound 60 just past the 71. That could be Caltrans work. That they're setting up and in Gardena and once in north right about the 91. There's a vehicle overturned on its roof, and that is over on the right shoulder, But they may block that right lane. What's emergency crews arrive next, reported 10 25 tiny compass before traffic reports were often

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