Man arrested in 3 slayings at New York City senior housing project


The NYPD rested a man in his sixties Thursday for the killings of three elderly women in our Brownsville Brooklyn housing project at three different times of the past six years has brought a lot of fear and anxiety to those living in the woods in senior housing complex in Brownsville. The three female victims were in their seventies and eighties. They were killed in 2015. 2019 and last week and y p d chief Rodney Harrison says they arrested Kevin Gavin for the murders. He had a relationship with our victims used to run errands for them. What we believe at this time is it sounds like The reason why he might have committed these acts is over argument over over money or finances. Forensic evidence help link Gavin to the crime, says Brooklyn D. A Eric Gonzalez descendants took advantage of his relationship with these women was allowed into their homes. And did unspeakable acts of violence against them. Sophia Hold to be CBS News, Radio 8 80

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