Bay Area ports are seeing much smaller amounts of cargo. But the aisle W U says


At the ports of L. A and Long beach have been infected and with hundreds more out on virus related leave. Officials worry this could slow container on and off loading right when pandemic induced goods are pouring in Bay Area ports are seeing much smaller amounts of cargo. But the aisle W U says they've been 68 positive cases, most of them recent plus two deaths. Yet the vaccine is still unavailable to their workers. Don Castano is with the aisle W you, health officer, whether it's um you know, personal protective equipment, medical supplies, gowns, cleaning supplies, you name it. Our members are working day and night to get this cargo moved to the facilities that they need to get to, but the spikes that we've seen in the state of California and across the nation Sort, of course pond with the spikes that we've seen with our workforce. Port of Oakland officials, along with the executives in L. A and Long Beach are pushing for quicker vaccination availability. So ships idling in Southern California don't have to detour to the bay. It's happened in the past, where cargo has been diverted from the L. A Long beach area to Roque Lin. It's pretty rare when it happens, but it has happened in the past. Holly Kwan KCBS. Latest surge of covert in California is being driven by a new variant of the virus. We get details tonight from KCBS is Jim Taylor. It's called Cal 20 Sea and its rise is our fault. It seems that we gave it the opportunity to rise. In larger numbers. Doctor Jasmine Plummer, research scientist, Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, she says, we are seeing the results of family gatherings over the holidays is likely correlated to a rise in numbers over the holidays. You see that very striking way. This new variant is now responsible for half the new cases in Los Angeles, where the virus is most active, she says. It's not necessarily more virulent, sits more assigned the viruses. Mutating to survive. And if we want

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