A highlight from Will Some Businesses start to ban anyone who hasnt had a COVID vaccine shot

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Subscribe if you like this podcast folks. Okay let's get into it. I was reading today and I've seen it all over the internet and The pushes on for businesses and again. It's not going to start right here in america but it's going to start on the side. This is how things always always go on here a lot of people that don't know that anytime there's viral disease. There's something there's a plague it usually starts outside of the us okay. A lot of people don't realize this this is kind of critical thinking one here. It'll excuse me it'll start outside and then it makes us way in. I give you the classic example. There's been ebola that started in africa. They experiment bill gates and a sickos and wackos down there. They start depopulating africa and then slowly. That outbreak makes it out through different countries and over to europe and then once it's over to europe then naturally it'll spread. It'll spread down here to the united states and canada and so on and so forth but that's kind of the progress we usually don't have a lot of A lot of things that break out over here as far as major major pandemic and so What's going on here with a covid nineteen vaccine. This is what i wanted to get around to do is push is going on for businesses to start to ban people who haven't had the co bid Nineteen that happened. Had that vaccine the covid vaccine okay. you know. I know it's been a bad year. There's a lot of huge number small and medium-sized businesses around the country Due to potential lockdowns and preplanned lockdowns the plan. Democ folks most people that own a business trying to make it easy as possible serve customers but most of them requiring people to take the vaccine may not want to before they let them come in in other words they might say. You didn't have the vaccine we're not gonna let you on the door doesn't sound like very good way to attract people but more customers. It seems to be headed in the direction. Thanks to the fear that started with the china flew in wuhan. china is known as a cove nineteen. So just think about that. This was all preplanned folks. This is preplanned right from the very start that they released released. The virus got out supposedly Got out to a wet market. They're in china and then started releasing. All china became contaminated through the virus. And it just spread an over and over and here. We go finally reaches america across the sea. In here. we go. This was preplanned in order to kill businesses. Now if you say to small and medium businesses we're not talking about the walmarts. We're not talking about businesses like that. We're talking about these small mom and pop small to medium type businesses. Maybe one hundred employees may be a small mom and pop to people or may be a very big business up to five hundred thousand employees but not on the scale of a walmart will say something like that where you have tens of thousands of not maybe a million plus employees worldwide. This is geared to command and control to take control of the entire world to force the world right here to to be able to and have to go to walmart and not go to the mom and pop grocery business or the the meat market or the fish market that they're used to go into for the last twenty or thirty years of their life depending on where you live. You're going to be forced a half to go to the walmart. And i've seen this coming and i've seen this coming for a while. Now you're going to be forced to will all be forced to. I'm gonna take it though to take shot. The shot will alter your dna r. m. a. and your dna your gino. I've explained this on other podcasts. folks. I'm not gonna get into the scientific aspect but i'm just going to say it alters your genes your dna you're gonna take the shot if you wanna go out. You're gonna take the shot if you wanna go to walmart. And even though they're outside they're gonna force you we have race track down here Gas stations and wow on the big big big boys here distributing gas in the state of florida pretty soon. They'll probably have you at some point in time. You have to take the shot just to get gas. What they'll do is they. Start just like when you're cooking a frog folks. I hate to be gross. But you fill up your pot of water. He follow up about halfway full. And you just turn it up just a little bit and a frog inside the pot with lid on of course so he doesn't jump out doesn't know he's cooking by the time you get.

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