Trump made false claims in call pressuring Georgia secretary of state to undo Biden win


Welcome to the i melbourne and we begin with donald trump's explosive new attacks on yes our united states democracy this has been caught on tape echoes of the darkest episodes of his presidency. If you didn't know so already here we are. Welcome to twenty twenty one days before congress will convene to formally certified the election that is a formality because everything is over and done but the president continues to push the doomed effort to nullify. Joe biden's win tonight at setting off a firestorm. Even though donald trump has zero legal paths left. Donald trump placing what is now been described by so many as an extraordinary call this weekend for the top elections officials in georgia. Brad robbins burger in this hour. Long sometimes rambling call which corrine from conspiracy to direct cajoling to as we'll get into tonight. Potential criminal acts. Donald trump leaned on them to quote find the votes that he would need to somehow come the finished election. This is a state that trump lost. So i wanna do is i just wanna find Eleven thousand seven hundred eighty loads which is one more that we have people who country are angry. And there's nothing wrong with saying that you know That you've recalculated. There is a lot wrong here. Some of it may be criminal. But let's take a step back. All of this is part of trump's dead end. Election scheming georgia's results are over. The courts have spoken. This is indeed the case for every single state where donald trump is still complaining about having lost that. This will culminate as. I'm sure you've heard by now in what i believe. We'll be authoritarian theater. Wednesday on the floor of congress as republicans will make what we have. The votes to show are doomed efforts to argue that. Somehow congress should not certify. Joe biden's electoral win. This is a ploy. It is dead on arrival in tonight. We can remind you why we've reported on some of this already. Democrats control the house. So there's no way for this to work unless some house speaker pelosi decided she wanted to join trump to stop a biden presidency. In addition top senate. Republicans are against the move. The wall street journal editorial board dismisses the whole thing as a stunt the new york times calls it futile. The associated press as nonpartisan as comes says. The whole thing is desperate. Important context for trump's call george a secretary of state in that call that official ratzenberger and his lawyer reject trump's numerous false claims of voter fraud will Listen to what the president has said. President trump. We've had several lawsuits and we've had to respond in court to the lawsuits in the contentions We don't agree that you have one. And we don't didn't agree about the two hundred thousand number that you mentioned for mr president the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong and going through each of those and those numbers that that we got Mitch mitchell was just saying they're not act. Estate official fact checking a sitting president to his verbiage face on that conference call on a phone call. But that's really striking. It may be obvious to viewers or people around the country that what trump was saying was false but one of the things revealed in this call also important is official some of them republicans telling the president to his face at this late date. That what he's saying is false and that same officials spoke with nbc news today with new fact checking for trump. I'm very confident in the results. We have here in georgia and that's the cold. Hard truth is president. Trump did not carry the state of georgia. We run honest and fair elections. Here

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