How 'Bout Dem Apple Seeds

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Okay thomas we are talking about apple's today. Why don't you tell our listeners. Even got started down this weird little apple path so a few weeks ago i saw video of a dude eating apple from the bottom. And you know. I it up to the pitch me and at the time all i wanted to find out from the team was whom amongst us was with me in eating the entire. It was just way to start to get the conversation going. Yeah i remember. And i was horrified to find out so many members of our team eat the whole apple. We were pretty divided down the middle. Yeah that's right and the discussion led to the possible dangers of eating the apple seeds. Some of us had heard they might be toxic. Some of us hadn't so here we are chatting away about them apples and the science behind whether or not you can eat the core why we are here. Today is pretty cool. Yeah totally and i found a food. Scientists to help explain it all could also My name is islami outs. For last shoddy. I am senior lecturer in the department of food. Science outsider jackets ally investment technology. Islamia is a few scientists beast in nigeria and she told me on the one hand apples. Are these magical fruits. That are really nutritious. And good for you apple's Poplar fruits us are reaching nutrients such as anti oxidants minera house vitamese dietary fiber is an auditor nutrients but their seats are different than their flesh. Yeah exactly what i'd always heard. Is that apple. Seeds have like some amount of cyanide in them you know like generally not something that is good for humans i mean yes and no i asked islam yacht to explain it and it's a little more complicated seeds that is in the center of harpool copy above causing poisoning because the seed contains it compounds. That is called. I mean. I lean mick. Dolan is a compound that's found and lots of natural plants and things that humans eat such as apples but also peaches apricots and almonds. They're is a similar compound and cassava he staple in nigeria and on its own mattie in seeds a midland is usually harmless to people no concerns there but what is potentially concerning is when digestive enzymes in our bodies come in contact with the michelin and when they combine the enzyme breaks away the sugars in the dylan and leaves cyanide which could potentially lead to cyanide poisoning. What do you mean. Potentially thomas say more. Well the conditions have to be just right mattie for this to be more of a concern for starters the midland in apple seeds is encased by pretty tough outer layer in order to expose them make the land to our digestive enzymes have to chew those seeds really really. Well okay i get it and even whole eating monsters like you. Thomas are generally crushing those seeds down to a fine pace with your teeth right exactly. Mattie as much as i love that tidal more importantly though there's not enough apple seeds in one or two apples to really show in effect on our bodies the amount of cyanide that does get formed if at all our livers are pretty good at filtering out those hawks

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