Matt Ryan, you were his first coach in the NFL. What was it like to work with him?


Pad in the NFL. This year. People are wearing that pads in any of them, and it's very It's very well designed and it's all about the safety of the of the player and these guys have Gone through many, many steps. Had developed this pad. You know, we've done a lot of research. And when I say we, the the football world has been a lot of research on helmet safety Contestant protocol. But where, but they haven't really done. Shoulder pads. And these guys have got a pad that whether you're a high school kid of NFL player or young, Ah young player, these will protect you. And that's the thing that they've done, and there 100% American made They've been able to continue this year through covert throughout of the technology to fit the players. It's just amazing what these guys have done. All right, if you it's x t e c h it If you Google that Enter promo code Coach 21. You get 10% off your order. It's a terrific product. Hey, Mike, is you were a head coaching at Lady of very successful. Is that a good job being a head coach in the NFL? Is that a good job?

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