Philadelphia Eagles head coaching search tracker


Cody. Thanks for coming back on. I in the enemy man. How are you. I'm doing great great to be with you. I'm excited to talk some football absolutely and let's jump right in to the eagles. Coaching search here. Because more names get added to this list everyday to say that the eagles have cast a wide net would be understating it a little bit. You tweeted out. And i think it was either yesterday or today but as a recording. This on the fourteenth is was on the thirteenth. You tweeted out a whole list of names. We've got carolina offensive coordinator. Joe brady tennis offensive coordinator arthur smith san francisco defensive coordinator robert soleil tampa bay defensive coordinator. Todd bowles new england linebackers coach. John mayo kansas city quarterbacks coach mike kafka philadelphia assistant head coach do staley oklahoma head coach lincoln riley ohio state head coach ryan day. Cincinnati head. Coach luke fickle and more are coming each and every day and i know among eagles fans. You know we see this as a pretty dysfunctional team right now. We see this as an organization. That doesn't seem to know exactly what they're doing and we're skeptical as to whether or not a a really high profile coach is going to want to come here given the list of names here. Where are you at on this eagles. Coaching search as there really are just getting started right. Now yeah and we saw it just kellen more added today and obviously you know they're going to continue to cast the net and i think just in general. I think there's a little merit to the idea that you know when you compare openings. The eagles aren't A bursting with attraction just because of the situation. I mean Doug peterson clearly. If the reports are to be believed is is kind of worn down from from this run with eagles. And but i honestly don't put too much stock into this idea that they're undesirable because at the end of the day there's thirty two jobs. There's thirty two head. Coaching jobs in the nfl. We see guys in view with with teams like the jets and the jaguars every coaching cycle. Yes they sometimes have high picks so they sometimes have a lot of cap space but at the end of the day. It's nfl fell head coaching job. You can't tell me you know if you're joe brady and you're getting interest from all these teams. I mean you're not going to just not going to turn down the opportunity and so And eventually some of the spots are gonna get filled For me i mean i. I start for the eagles with looking at the offensive side of the ball. I know that's it's a big talking point. Jeffrey lurie with with you know really any eagles fan. That's been under or watching. Jeffey larry hires run. The team I i think really it comes down to are you going for You're gonna have to sacrifice somewhere. Because with somebody like joe brady even kellen moore. You're really banking on them. Being kind of an offensive mastermind and up and coming mastermind as opposed to this Person who's been around the league for years and respected and you know doug peterson even though he didn't have head coaching experience. Jeffrey loria himself talked about that emotional intelligence he talked about. Doug peterson former quarterback. In this league he had time under andy reid and so i. I think it's just a matter of where are they gonna sacrifice. Because if they go with robert. Sal the forty niners you're sacrificing. You might bring in a nice offensive coordinator with them but he may leave here for another head coaching job. And so what do they want. We're gonna find out.

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