National Guard, President Elect Joe Biden And U. S. Capitol discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Hey, away news radio Time is 53, which is four days to go to President Elect Joe Biden's inauguration Security is at unprecedented levels in Washington, D C with fences, razor wire and members of the National Guard surrounding the U. S. Capitol. This morning. Thousands of National Guard troops are patrolling the streets ahead of President elect Joe Biden's inauguration Wednesday, the nation's capital on high alert with checkpoints and barricades throughout the city on Friday, the secretary of the interior, officially closing the areas in the National Mall and more than 25,000, members of the National Guard expected to be in place by next week. ABC is Trevor Ault reporting Colorado is deploying at least 200 members of the National Guard to Washington, D C Art except dated six o'clock I'm Indy Stone on K Away News Radio 8:50 A.m. and 94 1 FM from Deep it, Fred Sports Traffic Center looks like a lovely drive across the Metro, this cold crisp Saturday morning. 25 wonderful in wide open. I 70 checking clear 2 to 5 posted speeds on the boulder turned my delightful with no major issues right now, In terms of the mountain drive passenger vehicle traction rules in place US six Loveland Pass, and I 70 between Baker Building Silverthorne. And again between Vail and Copper Mountain Fox 31 pinpoint weather cloudy skies Right now mostly cloudy for the rest of today. High of 43 overnight low 25 currently 33 degrees This report is sponsored by Merrill. I'm

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