COVID vaccine from Novavax is latest to enter Phase 3 trials


Now surpassing 19 million in the United States. There's hope this morning that yet another vaccine will soon be made available. ABC is Monaco saw Rob has more another vaccine candidate is nearing the finish line Novavax announcing its launching face through trial in the US, It comes amid growing questions about the distribution of fight. There's vaccine already underway. Ah Walgreens and Kentucky reportedly gave doses to non priority patients after receiving more doses than it needed for nursing home workers. Walgreens calling this quote an isolated situation in Maryland based Novavax is the fifth company to launch a large scale trial of a covert vaccine. In the United States, Meantime, here in Massachusetts and plan to give the vaccine to all residents and workers in long term care facilities that is underway, State Health and Human Services Secretary Mary Lou Sutter's saying about 115,000 residents and staff statewide. Need to be vaccinated. It's now 7

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