The Age of Miracle and Wonder Women


Come to the promised by gas. Brought to you on t. v. one the voice of the city where last week in honor of international human rights day. A huge pride flag was installed in a tubular seal frame atop a massive twelve meter or forty foot flagpole planted in a bit of concrete a ways beneath the soft warm sands of the most the lgbtq beach that divides the hilton from the c. Itai pincus arrived the alderman who holds what is referred to as the pride portfolio on the city. Council said quote. This flag will remind us that all human women and men are equal even if they need to fight for it tel aviv. Jaffa is one of the only cities in the world over which this flag will fly all year round and quote an argument. Nothing captures the spirit of this city. We love so well tel aviv. Feel better than craning back your head shielding your eyes against the sun with your hand and seeing flapping above you. The violet indigo green yellow orange and red stripes representing respectively spirit serenity nature sunlight healing and life and indicating that on these sands on these shores all are equal all are welcome and ideal that we never do meet but that we are always at the very least dedicated to fighting for with us in the studio is a woman who's lovely prose is forever a vehicle for spirit serenity nature sunlight healing and life. I refer of course to alison kaplan. Summer allison is written for politico. The new republic foreign policy that jerusalem posted jt the forward and many other very best papers and magazines. She is a columnist. With how are you have heard on. Npr pri and the bbc and you have seen her on. I twenty four television and aljazeera. Tv you can meet more though obviously not all of your marion hankering these days by listening to her host the arts weekly podcast alison also holds. A neighbor world tenor award for journalism recognizing. Excellence in the asper reported. Emmy simon rock our award for excellence and covering zionism alley in israel. Alison how are you doing. Oh you know. With the third lockdown being announced and fourth elections just spirit serenity and calm. That's that's true of us. All there was ever a time to join a cult at this time. Now i'm just going with the different stripes on this rightfully flag. I think that that we can go with those also with the stage just heard. His voice is a man who's recent contribution to offscreen magazine a journal of israeli film culture which was a joint interview about the newish. Borat movie begins with a single word. Wow naturally i referred to ohio dealt zubaydah. Ohio is a book reviewer. For arts aside from arts and offscreen you have also read ohio's fiction in granta. You probably have read him in the now. Sadly defunct must miss local newspaper ear for which he wrote i when he was fourteen between then and now he hosted a weekly show on halley tv on arts and culture in israel. He is admired for his genius. Love for his warm human decency and envy for his effortless cool. Oh had been too long been doing. It has been too long. I'm very happy to be back in the studio after my mid semester has posted the cutest photo of ohad is a young woman with the promise on my soul so little hair on my face migrated some people wrote in saying i always wondered what oh how to look like and you don't exactly look that way fourteen anymore. What he actually looks like i did. I did underneath when people are responding and saying that. I need to look my name is oh ephron i don't mean to boast but i just received another bottle of caffeine pills fortified with l. nin for quote unquote focused energy. And i have been popping those babies like tic tacs. And i don't mean to brag because that's not how i was brought up but as i get older and i swear this is true as i get older i become more and more. Judy garland every single day. This week we have three topics of non parallel importance. But first we have a matter that we're following with lord interests in great concern as part of an occasional series. We the promise. Podcast coolly considers the classic cohen. When is a friend and anemone. I was scrolling through headlines earlier this week at a news aggregation site called me. Zach live or live newsflash including these quote netanyahu colon blue and white reneged on agreement and dragged us to new elections and from tomorrow colon. Ten new vaccination centres serving all of the health cooperatives will open in the south and the north of our country and more than twenty arrests in demonstrations protesting the killing of a youth by police in the west bank and load colon injured three collided with a parked vehicle while riding his bicycle and tel aviv. Colon a youth hurt while playing with explosives and then this quote. A heartwarming discovery colon. The first anemone has been spotted in the reforest. The first nominee was spotted today by. Its sick lugosi. The j. nf forest ranger who works in the western negative in the same place a negative. Iris has bloomed as well as a tourist huck. Bit plant end quote just after. I saw this headline the new site wine at posted on facebook. A gorgeous close up of the anemone with the heading quote on our way to a red south. The first red anemone has blossomed in the berry forest smiley face emoji with big red hearts for is end quote from there. The item was picked up by all the papers including the online ultra-orthodox paper. Be ma where the reporter who usually covers the security and politics beat isaac gama is his name filed a story headlined report from reforest. The first anemone has appeared. See documentation of the blossoming which peace including two videos. As far as i can tell exclusive videos. One avai single red anemone in the middle of a large grass pasture. The other begins with a close up of four white irises. And then pans across an expanse of grass until it settles on what seems to be the same single read an emmy or colony as we call it in hebrew

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