December 26th - National Thank You Note Day with Alex Birch

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Round Yeah me too so each week. One of my podcast friends challenged me to find an episode related to one of those days. And i'll be releasing it on the actual date occurs so let's get to it. What is today's national day. Dear paul thank you for introducing me to national. Thank you note day. Twenty twenty has been hard won for a lot of people. It's probably a year. We'd rather forget so this month. Alright the traditional thank you notes to the people who got me books and gift cards. But i'm also going to write them to the people who got me through this year like my friend. Who kept calling me just to check in my coworker who made me laugh and long meetings and my aunt who asked how she can help me feel safe as a pregnant person during pandemic let seal up in stamp this year with some gratitude. Warmest wishes alex. Ps thank you paul for doing so much to support all the lonely lovely podcasters out there even though i this is your last episode of podcast gumbo. I really hope this isn't the last we hear from you. Your voice is important to me and this community. I knew i could count on my friend. Alex to say such things about me and knowing this was going to be my last episode. I was hoping that alex would say yes to being my guest more on that in moment today september twenty sixth is national. Thank you note day. Today's first recommendation is from the manners. Podcast called thank you notes. How's that for being spot. On in the episode we hear travis and theresa mcelroy discuss all sorts of things related to thank you notes. We get a little history whether they are outdated and more. Give it a listen and then thanked me and alex for recommending it to you using the thank you note day hashtag now for the important stuff. Today's guest is alex birch. Alex is the senior manager of the pr x. Podcast garage it so incredibly apropos. That alex pick this national day because she is the first podcast industry person i ever spoke to. I was curious about podcast. So i went to an orientation taught by alex at the garage immediately. I had a place that i loved going to to learn and socialise about podcasts. Since that first visit to the garage. I have been lucky to have met so many great people there many that i've asked to be guests on the show. So this is my special unwritten. Thanks to alex and all that she and her team have done to create such an amazing space for the podcasting community. Alex thanks to you. Here's a list of all my podcasting friends and their podcasts. That i met directly to the garage. Laurie mortimer mementos charles. Gustin iconography morgan. Jaffe burst your bubble in elsner museum. Archipelago geneka leonti. Gua williams seventy million brad turner on something mark. Other men need help chelsea ersan dear young rocker. Helen's saltzman the illusionist. Cherie turner strides. Forward cody goff curiosity daily wade roche soon ish dahlia schneiderman snap judgment isabel cadenas canyon day. S o nosso. Aha stephanie kuwoh. Racist sandwich and travis lux liferaft for third alex recommends roselle and michael and episode from the. This is love podcast. alex. Says and i quote. It's a story about a man. His guide dog working in the twin towers on nine eleven. It's a powerful story about love and trust in the midst of chaos and a reminder to thank the pets in our lives to who improve our emotional wellbeing during all times and especially the worst them unquote. Today's extra hot sauces. Big unless things change. This is the last podcast gumbo episode related to national days. I fully expect to make more podcast episodes but my goal for this version was to do it for a year and that year is now up. It's been a fun ride as i go through listing. All of my apps. It's emotional. i've had so many friends be my guess and for that. I'm grateful. Knock grateful enough to handwrite the notes but grateful nonetheless so many thanks for listening to my silly little podcast as always take a look at the show notes for links to all the podcasts mentioned in this episode as well as other life altering information to make it easy for you. There's also a link to a podcast playlist that will contain all the episodes ever mentioned in the show. See you next week. Some time for another

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