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Season wheat. Sweet pipe dream. I'm not there's not a prediction in any way. But i bought a twenty nineteen mac pro and i love it and i plan on using it as long as apple supports releases until but if apple were to somehow product that i could transform my twenty nineteen mac pro with a twelve core intel zeon in it to a mac pro with an arm processor in it. I'd sign up for that. That'd be a part. By and upgrade existing intel mac. Pro to annapolis silicon. Mac bro. that's not going to be a thing that's possible but it would be sweet. I was thinking about the logistic. Like i guess you could put an arm mac on a card but you boot from a card right. Yeah i i. Yeah and then your. Cpu is actually on a pci bus. And not the center of the system. And i mean when this has been rumored online. And i've read some stuff while they could just make a new processing. You could drop it in well. The socket on the board is intel intellectual property. Don't think industrial license them all the stuff that goes into creating a socket for apple to mega custom chip that they sell on their own for people to drop into their mac. Pro didn't sell. They don't sell many mac pros to begin with. So i think people bought these including me. We'll just ride ride them out. And then at some point down the road by arm one but it would be pretty fantastic to have the same computer run two different processor architectures but again pipedream. What about an alternative pipedream where you buy a new logic board that is arm based you just literally swapped the logic board. Yeah i mean that would be more realistic in terms of how it would be possible in an apple could do that. Abbott also have some sort of you know for the first six months. There's the are mac. Pro you get really good trade in value you know they double what it would be otherwise or something but that that would actually make more sense. Yeah yeah but what apple is going to do is one day. They'll be an arm. Mac pro and its self from here on out and they knew they were making the are max when they made the mac pro but there was a demand for that that mac pro right then and i don't blame for it. I think they probably did the right thing but yeah eventually it's going to be are probably tease. You a little bit about it. I gonna say that upfront. Yeah it already has started. You know a mac pro is faster than apple silicon macs currently but it won't be forever and when that happens i'll be made fun of but it's it's my needs so well for the last year and i hope to have many years of os support to come. I'm in no rush to replace my desktop. You know as people who like publicly podcast talk about the stuff. We always take a hit. I i'm already taking hits over my headphones so go forward. So it gives the My pipedream is another one. That's probably unlikely. I think it's less unlikely than yours but it's still probably not going to happen. And that is the dream for me is an ice pack. That is stands up like an i mac and runs mac software and then when i tilt it down like a microsoft surface Surface studio. I think they got the big twenty seven inch screen that i can tell down and turn into a massive ipad and until back up and turned into a mac and piped pipedream. I know but take my money apple. I mean honestly. Would i would love that so much to be able to switch between like ipad mode for the stuff i do an ipad and back to mac with just a tilt i would love to have a big twenty seven inch screen and i can draw on when i'm like trying to plan out. You know things for clients or anything. I mean there's just so much. I would love about that computer and something like it exists so Apple can already see that somebody was able to do it but man apple could do it so much. Better but Yeah i don't think. I think next year that will still be on my pipedream list. I don't think that's going to happen. It'd be it'd be really cool though. And i mean that even kind of opens the door to like. Why can't we have apple pencil support on the mac. You know whether it be something like this or look. The track pantomime. Macbook pro is humongous. Like why can't i use an apple pencil on that. you know. There's apple has some as apple. Has this big box of puzzle pieces but it doesn't know how to put them together dressing ways and those of us on the outside like luggage right there. Just put them together and they're they don't do it and this sort of computer or even opening the door to other types of things there's like so much potential in all of these pieces. The mobile version of this would be a convertible laptop which absolutely exists in the pc side of the fence where it opens up. It's got a keyboard you type on it. Like a like a mac and then you flip the screen around and it turns into an ipad and you know what if i had a device like that work carried around and have to and one. I think i'd be okay with that. I know has additional weight. And you know there's there are offs with something like this but i also think it's like apple has this amazing software stack on both platforms and to have it all on one device and being able to use it the way it's meant to be used. I think there's a lot of people that would see benefit in that and i'm sure they like mocking some of the stuff up. But you're i feel like they're also apple remains pretty about things in like. I don't think they're gonna be early to the game with something. That's that's mind-bending like that. But i man. I wish they would This episode of the mac power users is brought to you by woven.

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