A highlight from South Africa Records One Million Cases

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The news at this hour on africa business radio. A new data published by the country's health ministry in sunday's said the south africa has become the first african nations record. One million coronavirus cases. The data showed that south. Africa is the hardest hits country on the african continent with one million four four thousand four hundred and thirteen factions and twenty six thousand seven hundred thirty five. That's currently offering a second wave of infections. A which the majority are a new fare in awe virus also off two million six hundred fifty eight thousand six hundred forty. Six cases are recorded in africa and sixty two thousand six to nine fatalities. According to the f. P. tally south africa recorded denny average of eleven thousand seven hundred new infections up thirteen percent over the previous week authorities are considering a reimposing restrictions to rein in the spread of the virus and a precedent set a television address dates this week and that was the news office time on africa business radio. You can't continue my online at. Www dot business radio. that's come over amicable app. I am rachel into thank you for listening.

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