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Ron koslow bit. We'll see if anybody's got any questions every once in a while during these guys are all g- people who support the podcast nuts quite a little bit and i like to Give a little extra more than just a regular podcast. Each week all becoming friends of mine. We're just kind of having a monthly little zoom chat fest here. Sometimes we get out. You know paul sharp from there. Yeah last time. Since i seen them wonderful man a tragic bureau Still going through it. yeah. I know they'll say the how was a bunch of bad out there that i kinda kissed eight and somewhat contact with the social media partly and then my podcast stated don Quite a few guys danny griffin Are the guys who did griffin. Said he came on here. I started first time. I did talk about rank. Lada so i had a guy get a policeman. I used to work with and he sent me a link to interview franken lada. He said you know this guy. This guy was pretty impressed with what frank was had the say because he was my sergeant in the his thinking dang. This guy's landed out there. I didn't know frank when he was in chicago. The players chicago. But i didn't know frank I didn't know spiritual either. I have met him. You have recalled. Beat theo our recalled. Because i was running those days with vinny solano indo curdle really interesting iran. What you tell a tell. This guy's a little bit about how you started. Your dad was buffalo mob guy. yes naturally here are Was actually a became. The boss or the so-called called boss in the buffalo of magadino empire. And i grew up in. I mean i got to be clear ball over the world. It's just that. I did not want to participate nor did my father believe it or not. What burqas and so. I never joined a i did become the head of the labor's local to ten and officer for the laborers international union. So i did get to meet all the players in chicago new york city etc etc But i did like the way. The ma Because they were stealing for remembers and one at what what the fbi. I told him. I'll do whatever necessary but don't ever ask me about my father or my family and you know they never did. They never once. Did i bring the bureau up to speed on labor racketeering on at least one of the people that brought up to speed labor racketeering as well as some of the procedure that they were involved in operations with the benefit fund so they would bring back money kickbacks things of that nature but also at the same time you'll learn about killings you learned about other families operated Opened up it's surprisingly. Chicago was always very open about how they operated. As was a sub parts of new york city like gen of each family. They were more open than some others. I knew them about the best. Gambino was i knew. I knew a lot of colombo's Ropes at skoko was a friend of mine he worked with them. He was the one that actually started the soap. All-time prequel a for tony. Salerno all the various families so you meet tomato and you one what. What union is that. When you you guys. I was with the labor's international union Which was all mobbed up. We were up. Originally we were controlled by the chicago. Office of skiable family took over the presidency. But because of new york's power and things like that chicago would dare next up on their toes. They were allowed to main take exists. Well throughout their new england New york city down to florida and santo trump catchy quite well i never bet bird so but i knew santa why while he opened up a plaza strip land. They had ordered their tampa with menards. Their goal is so you get to beat the various players and you get to see the real story. It's not like a lot of the will be said i never will degrade an author or Burchett author because. I know how difficult it is.

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