Who Should The Celtics Be Playing In Their Starting Lineup?


We really should be focusing about the the best five guys that play together down the stretch. I mean it didn't matter tonight because it was they blew the doors off them, but you don't want to go down big game because you're starting the wrong guy, right but it's not even it's not even the where you're playing the guys you're looking at the guys who played the most minutes and tonight. It was Jalen Jason semi-gloss Pritchard and there are you guys and then it was actually Grant and it's hard to argue that those weren't your five best players. Right. Well, yeah. Those are your five best players tonight. We're Tatum Brown Richard Richard Grant Williams. Semi ojeleye, and they played the most minutes. So you're right at the end of the day. They did lean on the players that are playing best for

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