EnviroTeens take young readers on fun adventures learning about the environment

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I over on the moon as you may well know is a cartoonist of wool wolseley fame. Who often appears on our n and now has a book out called the carbon neutral adventures of the indefatigable enviro teens. A book meant for teams but whether they know big words like that is open to question. Is it not dog. Well i hope. I can follow them without too much trouble. There is a glossary up the back. Just in case why. We're fairly closely with my editor at allen and unwin nikola to make sure that while there are some possibly new to younger readers. Words like indefatigable for example. There's not so many of them that it interrupts the flow of the book so you might occasionally run into a word that you're unfamiliar with an if it's not explained there you might have to ask. Someone might have to look at the dictionary but it shouldn't cause too much and this probably another kind of weird. Because i wanted it to be because i love i love language and i love messing around with a lot of things in here that i've just made up out of my own strange brain such as plastic bags talking back to you. Yes single. Use plastic brendan who is the villain who opens the story. His plan is to use the sherifi to turn all the world sea-turtles into knickknacks and googlers. And he is foiled by the enviro chains. Or is he does. He come back later on in the book. Will you'll have to read it to find air. Yes indeed well. Also you expand very nicely in the beginning of the book. What this micro plastic pollution really is and how everything contains it. Even you stole and me. Yes labored over that for little walk. Because i didn't want the book to be terrifying but i also had to explain what's going on and for me the idea that micro-plastics tiny tiny little pieces of plastic and not just in the sea or in the water or in landfill. But they're actually in everything and they've made their way into us and we simply don't know a what we're doing or be what the impact of all of this stuff is going to be because micro-plastics have been around for what twenty thirty forty years. Maybe and we just have no not look if if i was writing this book for adults it'd be a lot darker and a lot more miserable because i just would say isn't it all awful and we're all overwhelmed but there has to be hope because otherwise we would just lie down and go and live in holland grand. Well i don did you test this on young people did you learn from them. Yes i did. And the feedback was all very positive except for one young fellow who said too many words which is also true. But that's just kind of my style so it's not for everyone. Yes it is no off the should ever say it's not for everyone. It is absolutely for. Everyone and there aren't while i was gonna say you should buy it anyway and give it to someone else who it is for the thing about this book. I had so much fun. Writing this during this. And i think the best thing that i've ever done has gardenia pinecone approved of it because the environment teens of fairly strict with what they approve of. Who that's very true. And no she. Hasn't and i didn't want to get a pretend endorsement from gardenia pine kind or alter-ego grinberg but i'm i'm sure he would if she was given the opportunity. There's nothing like confidence. Says my final two questions. I'll give you as one and again. The technical efforts dog you're on the moon and there were no trees. Have you have a pay. And secondly they you are as i can see in the book where cape but you can't fly around because there's no atmosphere so how'd you solve those. Two problems will the first one that you're in a space suit which is designed to accommodate those sorts of things i thought and secondly avoided that question quite neatly secondly needed atmosphere to fly particularly if you pastry person who is i. Suppose one of the superheroes in the book who is transformed he. He went to a french participation on a school trip. Once was bitten by a radioactive croissant. And now whenever smells across all this young man wearing nominates transformed into pastry person who in fact is powered by baked goods. So you don't need an atmosphere to flyer and if you have let's say freons or those little niche tarts or even a lies you can use those instead yes but is it gluten free sometimes it is but sometimes you have to work that out yourselves. Did there is a recipe for pecan and blueberry muffins. In the back of the book in case anybody needs one other modern having it said recipes at the back of the book is well as a glossary. Congratulations that's quite brilliant. Thank you thought of everything. Dogs do think of everything. Don't they even on the moon first. Dogs book is called the carbon neutral adventures of the indefatigable enviro teens. It's cartoons looney script plus real signs and bit of fun for gloomy world.

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