Joy Behar tells Meghan McCain ‘I did not miss you’ following maternity leave


Joy behar is one of the co host of the view. She's one of the more outspoken liberal co host and she was talking to her other co host meghan mccain who is more conservative on the view megan mccain had been out for baby leave and she was back on the show. This week track right. I'm somebody raised me so much when i was on maternity leave. You missed me so much. You missed fighting with me on this issue as someone who watches have you quite a bit or at least the clips online. I really don't think any of those other co host meghan mccain. My my mom is a big view watcher. And so she would watch especially when meghan mccain started and my mom is not a big fan of making mccain. I don't think my mom would mind me saying that. And she would be like she don't need to be on the show and we will talk about it but now it seemed like those other ladies do not really do not get

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