Washington, DC Statehood Bill Introduced By Senate Democrats


Now you know this has been on the wish list of democrats for quite some time along with a promoting of puerto rico to statehood as well. Now that's compensation for a different time. But you had senator tom carper. He's democrat out of delaware leading over three dozen of his democrat colleagues to introduce companion bill for washington dc statehood gesture on tuesday. Now remember a similar. Bill passed the house last year. Now will face well pretty much. A democrat controlled senate to determine if dc will become the fifty first state but is that even possible. Well i found this piece. I pulled this back in early january out of the washington post. And it's pretty indepth piece about dc statehood. Bottom line is these. Dc statehood still faces a number of high hurdles not only in the narrowly divided senate but yes in public opinion as well. Think about this. A two thousand nine thousand nine gallup poll found that nearly two-thirds of us opposed dc statehood. So why is in dc already a state. well we need to look at the constitution washington. Dc's founding is enshrined in the constitution which provides that the district not exceeding the constitution. Not exceeding ten miles. Square would become the seat of the government of the united states now for a brief period of time after the city's creation back in seventeen ninety residents -joyed voting rights and were allowed to cast ballots as residents of maryland or virginia but those rights ended shortly after congress moved into town and the new capital in eighteen hundred and pass the district of columbia organic act of eighteen. O one the act stripped dc residents of their rights to vote in all federal elections including for president and gave congress oversight of the city. Have you ever seen a dc washing a plate license plate. You know what it says you know with. The slogan is taxation without representation. Now the district was not afforded presidential electors until the passage of the twenty-third amendment. Back in one thousand. Nine hundred sixty one. Its residents didn't get a non voting delegates in the house until nineteen seventy so begs the question. How can congress change this well. Those opposed to making dc estate have argued that statehood for dc can't happen without a constitutional amendment. They say that the founders intended the entire district to serve as the seat of federal government not as state but legislation put forth by non voting delegate. Eleanor holmes norton every year since nineteen ninety-one would not eliminate the seat of government that the constitution calls for in stead her bill which shrink the national capital to a small complex of federal buildings while allowing the rest of the district to become a state proponents of statehood for their part argue that this plan preserves federal enclave. Whose only requirement is that. It can't exceed ten square miles and escapes the need for a constitutional amendment. Nothing simple as that outstanding questions remain over. What would happen to the three electoral college votes. Currently afforded to the district when it becomes a smaller that role enclave. And some have wondered whether the twenty-third amendment would have to be repealed. So that the few residents of the federal enclave namely we're talking about those residing at sixteen hundred pennsylvania avenue don't retain them so what needs to happen for dc to become state. Well the bill to make these estate obviously has enough supports in the house to pass again and jordi leader steny hoyer pledged to bring it to vote with backing from speaker. Nancy pelosi by your indeed even though the senate is pretty evenly split. Well let's just say it's a tough road to hoe in the senate democrats occupy half the seats in that chambers. Thanks to the victories of ossoff and wore knock In georgia both of whom support would no surprise there. And then you've got vice president. Kamala harris in this fifty fifty split in the senate able to cast the tie breaking boat and she liked biden supports

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