The Isdal Woman


Today story isn't supernatural in itself but the mystery is so baffling it borders on other worldly. It takes place in norway in the late fall of nineteen seventy it sunday morning november twenty ninth and a professor and his two young daughters go for a hike. They're headed for a forest outside of bergen. Which is a city on norway's southwestern coast eventually they start climbing up a hillside above an area called e. stolen. Which is norwegian for ice valley. It's this gloomy desolate place surrounded by steep rocky hills and it also has a strange history. In the middle ages. People supposedly came to ice valley to take their own lives and more recently. It's been the site of a lot of fatal hiking accidents with this morning. The families just enjoying the fresh air when the oldest girl see something. It appears to be a body laying in between some rocks on the hillside. And it's been burned from what they can tell. It belongs to a dark haired woman between the ages of twenty five and forty. But she's so badly mutilated that her facial features are impossible to recognize. Her hands and arms are raised up near her chest in oppose that often seen on burn victims and she's wearing regular clothes nothing appropriate for hiking it so creepy and shocking that the family turns right around and leaves. You gotta remember. This is nineteen seventy so there are no cell phones which means that they have to walk all the way back through the woods to report the body all wondering if whoever killed this woman might be following them but they get back safely and soon a group of police trekking up the hillside overlooking the valley as soon as they start examining the body they noticed something strange. Only the front of the woman is burnt. The back of her body is completely fine. There's a definite smell of burned flesh in the air so they know that this is the place where she caught fire. She wasn't carried here after the fact and later they find a drop of gasoline on a fur hat. That's laying underneath her body but other than that. There's no evidence of an actual fire no charred logs or fuel containers. It looks like she or someone brought a bunch of items along and set them on fire to. There's a couple of shriveled plastic bottles that seemed to have just contained water a plastic cover for a passport and a melted rubber boot. The only things that haven't been burned are the women's jewelry a pair of earrings. A ring these have been carefully placed beside her in an almost ceremonial way. And there are some pieces of clothing strewn around but all the labels have been cut off same thing with the clothes on the woman's body and when the police inspect the melted plastic bottles. They noticed the names on the bottom have been rubbed out the police. Keep the body on the hill overnight until they've finished all their forensic investigations and the following. Day november thirtieth. They bring her charred remains to a hospital in bergen for an autopsy. Then they go to the press they tell the papers that a body of a young woman with dark hair and medium build has been found and they ask anyone who might have seen her to come forward. Meanwhile the bergen police team up with the national crime investigation service in oslo called creep. Ohs to begin a full inquiry into who this woman is. They run her fingerprints through the national police register. But there aren't any matches so they turn their attention to any unclaimed luggage at railway or bus stations and on december second baguette. Lucky two suitcases have been sitting in a luggage room at the bergen train station for over a week. They were checked in on november. Twenty third so six days before the body was found and at first. The cops. don't know if these are hers. But there's a fingerprint. On a pair of sunglasses inside that matches exactly with the fingerprint from the woman

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