Caller: Reminiscing on the Beautiful Song 'Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah'


Was so odd yesterday I was thinking about not Joel Chandler Harris, but the man who was in the movie, a Scottish name singing zippy doo die zippy a and I was just thinking about it over and over not knowing what you were going to talk about today and I was thinking about I need to tell my grandchildren about that. They'll never know. They'll never hear that. And I remember seeing the movie as a child and it was this beautiful with those birds lighting on his shoulder and then of course his voice was wonderful. And as I walked for exercise, so as I was walking, I just kept thinking about that and thinking about it. And I just think it's God that brought it to my mind. And then here you are talking about it today, isn't that something? It is, I'm just getting a little chill bumps here listening to you share that Regina. And I think back to that beautiful song and you can't help when you sing the song, you can't help but smile. And for the longest time, when you walked into a Disney theme park, that's the song you would hear when you walked into the theme park, but they banned it because people said the song was racist, and yet they never could explain what made that song racist. Oh, well, it's all just diddly squat, but anyway, we'll pray against it. Yes, we

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