Laura Ingraham: Fans of Reparations Want to Stereotype You As Jerks


Lara Ingram last night on Fox News channel weighing in on this. Let's take a listen. But fans of reparations want to suck you into the debate in order to stereotype all of you as unfeeling uncaring jerks. Have been struck by the overheated and irrational response to this draft report. Those are my constituents who lost their minds about this proposal. It's not something we're doing or we would do for other people. It's something we would do for our future for our collective future and the generations to come. Wow. It would benefit our collective futures. How could anyone be against that? Now, reaching into your wallet to apologize for slavery is the least you people could do. Well, and of course, money talks. Just enhance for a law professor at Howard University, put it this way. If you're going to try to say you're sorry, well, you have to speak in the language that people understand. And money is that language. Recall that this debate began on college campuses decades ago. And then the idea really gained traction in recent years, especially after the death of George Floyd. And now, even African Americans who've enjoyed huge success in America, they think they deserve cash.

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