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Called in our own world. We'll navigate conversations about anything under the stars, and maybe even pick up a few passengers along the way. Listen to in our own world on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Brought to you by Coca-Cola. There's magic when we eat together. Scandal advice for sugar and spice. It's only been hello, there we go. Welcome to the naughty but nice show. It's Monday. It's the start of a new week. I'm rob shooter. And every Monday idea friend, Garrett, Vogel, from C 100 joins us, hey carrot, are you there? Bobby, good morning. I had to take a week off because I just needed to cleanse myself of all the food that I took in over the past week. I mean, from pies to turkeys to cranberry and can. I mean, I had it all, rob. There was no, there was no plate unturned in my house. It looked great. Do you do it at your house? No, we went to we went to see my sister and brother in law out in Pennsylvania because it was also my wife's birthday on Thanksgiving, go figure she wasn't born on Thanksgiving. It's just her birthday this year fell on Thanksgiving. Right. And she didn't want to cook and rightfully so. I don't blame her. So I did the smart thing. I was like, I can't cook for my life depended on it, rob. So we were like, oh, let's go visit the family, and we've been surprised. The four of us. It's not too. It's for when you rock up, it's a cough. I'm excited. Thanksgiving. Really lovely. We spent it with Bruce's family, but we also spent it with this guy called asy wind, who you might not have heard of. But he is incredible. So I get to see a lot of shows. I talk about them here on the podcast. This is the best show that I have seen all year. He's a magician, and I didn't really want to go. I sort of dragged there, but I knew he was going to be great because David Blaine called mister wind his favor. His favorite magician, Penn and teller, who I love, they called him one of the best magicians they have ever seen. And I got to admit, it is unbelievable. So it's only about a hundred people and you're in this room and it's a circular room and in the middle of the room is a table and he sits at the table and what he does for 70 minutes is on burr believable. Don't you love the fact that you just had to be like kicked in screen? I did not get to get there like straight jacket to get there like throw a temper to tantrums. If you don't be quiet tantrum and you get there and you're like, I shouldn't have thrown this temper tantrum. Honestly, I'm gonna get everybody tickets to this show, as he wind, it's off Washington square park, so it's downtown by the university. And it's a really cool crowd and it's a deck of cards and what he does for an hour is on believable one. Deck of cards. He's very cute though too. I've got to admit, he's cute and charming. And I found it actually very emotional. I almost burst out in tears. I can't describe this well enough, but trust rubber. This is the best show I've seen all year. I think it's better than Hamilton. I thought you were saying rob shooter is if I learn magician magic to the equivalent of this magician. Yes. I might be just as good as him because I already have the looks as well where you have the good looks. I already love you, but if you can. Yeah, it's your charming, your good-looking. It's magic. If you can shuffle some cards and make things disappear, I will marry you. He's brilliant. I'm gonna get all my friends this for Christmas. So if you're listening, don't worry, it's a great gift. It's the best gift I've probably ever given. As a wins, it is circle if you're in the UK. Let's jump in. What time is it, my Friends, and it's two times. Oh, Prince William and Kate are coming to Boston. They're coming to America. And people are pointing out already how different this trip will be, how different they are to Harry and Meghan, it's a three day trip across the Atlantic, and it's full of William to present a prize in Boston. Now, while royal fans were all got our fingers crossed, that while they're in America, maybe. William and Kate could see Harry and Meghan. Unfortunately, the force are not even going to do a Zoom call, let alone be in the same room, so it's not happening. Oh, you're coming to America we're at a town that weekend. It's a bad look. They should figure this out. They're coming. If I went to Britain, even if it was to present an award. If I went to London and I didn't make the trip down to Wales, my mom and dad are on the Welsh border to see my mama bear, I've been troubled. How long is that trip? It's nothing. It's a couple of hours. I've been so much trouble. I wouldn't do it. If I went to Britain, there's no way I would go to Britain. But if your sister was accepting the award. No, I think I'd say Christine too. She's annoyed, but I think it's interesting too. Last time I was in Britain on a work trip, I went with Ashley Simpson, remember her Jessica. She's one of my first crushes. Really she's very pretty. She's a very, very pretty person. So she was doing Chicago. The musical in Britain and as with her to do. All the jazz. Which I love, but I gotta say, it ain't as good as sassy with. I love him. He's my new favorite superstar. I think I like it better than being no longer allowed to say that name in my presence and I learned that I'm not allowed to say his name. He's so amazing. So I was in London with Ashley Simpson and I invited my family up to come and see the show, so I got to do work and pleasure. You can mix both of them. So they're in Boston to present this really prestigious award and now are insider is telling page 6. It just goes to show you how different they are now as royals that William and Kate have a constitutional role and they're working on behalf of others versus being celebrities. So a couple of days after William and Kate give out this award, Meghan and Harry are coming to New York to accept an award, so the crossover is pretty close to a couple of days afterwards they get to come to New York, Meghan and Harry to accept the Robert F. Kennedy ripple of hope award. So they're just going to be like ships, I guess, that pass in the night Garrett. They should make an effort to see each other, shouldn't they? But here's the thing. If they were happening in the same city, that's one thing, but you and I both know. Yeah, Harry is Harry and Meghan are in LA. So with the tailwind and the JetBlue flight price is pretty cheap right now. They could be there and let's just say four and a half hours if they kick the right eye, which we know is not going to happen and then back home without maybe 6. So a ten hour trip to see your brother for maybe about an hour, it's not worth it. Oh, it's worth it. It's worth it do it. I just think, honestly, if I was your publicist here, I'm not. I'd say karma. Or maybe even William and Kate should fly over to California.

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