John Zmirak and Eric Discuss Kanye West


Lot of people tune into this program because we want to help them process what's going on. So we don't have to talk about it right away. But I want to make it very clear. Nick Fuentes, bad. This is something this is an example of sloppiness and bad staffing in the Trump organization. Recently, Donald Trump had dinner with Kanye West. That's a mistake right there, okay? Kanye West, when he was preaching the gospel of leading powerful Christian services, there was hope that this man had had a profound conversion and might have a powerful impact on the culture. But you always be careful with zealous new converts. You don't let them take over. That's what happened among conservatives. We let the neoconservatives, a lot of them ex communists, they came in. They were super smart. They were super articulate. We let them come into the movement. They took over and put America at war in the Middle East for 30 years. You don't let it's nice at the town poker gets religion. But you let her be in the back for a while, I'd really assimilate. You don't let her start preaching sermons right up top and take over the church's budget. Letting Kanye West be a major figure among conservatives and Christians was always dangerous because the guys kind of like Elvis Presley kind of like Michael Jackson, a super rich super famous guy surrounded by yes men. Anybody who speaks realistically tries to whisper truth in his ear, he will send them away. He has no restraining influences. So he's going to do and say, crazy stuff. Like apparently Kanye is now endorsing the black Hebrew, Israelites. These are the people you see in Times Square with giant signs saying that Obama was literally the Antichrist and that blacks are the real Jews and that John, where did you, this is such bad news. And I feel bad. Listen, I love Kanye, he's a sweet soul, but he is clearly, he's got to choose and he does not just as you said, doesn't seem to have people around him to help him to let him know like don't get near that. And by the way, don't say anything infinitely stupid like the Jews or anything. I mean, it's just so sick when people say stuff like that. It's astonishing to me.

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