Glyn Jones Talks All Things Icebreaker Finance



We'd start off with icebreaker finance. You guys made some headlines. I think it was two or three months ago now where icebreaker finance worked with maple finance, which is a lender of sorts. I'm going to allow you to explain it to listeners since you're going to be better than that, than I am. Do you guys made some headlines that you were moving to the mi fi sector right when all these mining firms were showing signs of holding distressed assets and interest payments that they were not able to make. So you guys were sort of seeing as maybe the savior coming in the 11th hour that was probably not a fair way of positioning it. But I think that's how a lot of people interpret it at the time. Now we're having you on the show to show you to talk about what you guys are boring against or lending out to people. But I hand it off to you. We'll talk about icebreaker finance maple finance and get a rundown on what those two are and how they interact together. So we earlier this year. And we really launched it with two thoughts in mind. The first is that we are of the view within the team that private credit markets going on chain with complete transparency of where do the capital come from and where is the capital going to on what terms, but with still all of the enforcement that is customary in any kind of commercial land. All of the security perfection, real world assets, collateral, all of that kind of good stuff. We think that's a tremendous opportunity that we're really keen to be a part of. So we're a collection of commercial bankers being in and around the game for a long time. I've spent more than 20 years in the industry, mostly the northern hemisphere. And we formed ice breaker, really, that we want to be part of what we think will be a real sea change in terms of how private credit markets work. And if that's a sort of a macro thesis, then within that question, but where do we want to start the journey? Well, for us, we wanted to start in the Bitcoin mining and digital asset infrastructure provider sector of borrowers that wanted to facilitate movement of capital from lenders to those borrowers and do it all on Jane.

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