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Fix It 101


How are you guys doing this morning? I'm pretty good at got a little windy. Yes, it did, didn't it? Got man. Hey, you know what? And the wind we're having today is a blessing because it's Ron, everything. Even though we need The Rain. Right. Yeah, yeah, yeah. The wind will help us drive this dry the mud up quickly. That's right. Spoken like a man who pours foundation. Well, you know, all those leaves are raked up before. Oh, man. They're crazy. Man, they're back. They are crazy. Where they were. Where did they wear? I was like, okay, that was a good exercise. Well, yesterday and last night was a just an ugly weather day for Mississippi and the rest of the south. I don't know if you've seen the news, but there were some big damage. And whenever that's going on, we like to mention here on the show about, okay, folks, there's damage. And we know you've got damage out there. And people will start contacting you. And you're going to start looking for people to contact everything from insurance to contractors. What we wanted to talk about, really, is those contractors, as you're looking for a contractor right now, remember on days after a storm hits. Everybody in is left brothers calling contractors and insurance agents and everything else. The phones are ringing off the hook this morning. So you know, let me take my contractor hat off for a minute. And just be a regular regular homeowner. Okay. Tree, a tree hits my house. It's devastating the longest no one's hurt. I know we're running around. What are we going to do? What are we going to do? What are we going to do? Right, let's hurry up hurry up hurry up. Right. That is the worst mistake that you can that you can make. Hurry up be in a hurry. That's right. Now, get the tree off. Call a tree person, don't try to do it yourself. Unless that's what you do for a living. Right. But get the tree off and protect your asset. And then take a breather. Okay. Call some contractors, call your insurance company, but slow it down. Okay. That's good to know because I've been in this situation and just you freak out. There's a hole in it. There's a hole in my house. I've got to have it. I've got to have it fixed 25 minutes ago. Right. What happens when you get that fixed 25 minutes ago? At the end of the day, it may not be what you want. Right. So this is not HGTV. Yes. Unfortunately, I've been in the insurance business for 20 plus years. And again, I'm not beating up on insurance. They've done it to themselves. I don't know of any industry that is any slower settling a claim. Wow. Serious. Oh yeah. Then homeownership claims. Yes. And of course, that's all I know as far as the insurance world. Have you ever had a car accident? 30 minutes to get a check. Well, in fact, someone backed into my wife's car and the insurance companies excuse and this has been a month and a half ago. Car is cars driving, but it stands a brand new car, and it's got about $5000 worth of damage to the back quarter panel. And the insurance excuse is that they can't get a hold of the other driver. Wow. Yeah. That's kind of lame. It's kind of lame, isn't it? You know what? How dealing with the same thing? Really? Yeah, somebody. I'm sitting at a light. And all of a sudden, a red light, and they went right in the back of me, and I'm still waiting. Like a girl car is yes it is. Yes, it is. And it was a very large SUV. For those that don't know. Runs around in a little yellow and like a girl is at a mini Cooper. It's a mini Cooper. Okay. And again, now I'm not beating up on the insurance. The insurance industry has the same challenges the building industry has. The home inspection industry has in the radio industry. We're all looking for labor. Right. That's true. Well, in speaking of that, I did get an email that came in that is everything about what we're talking about. Had a tree fall in my backyard, it took out my fence and the neighbor's greenhouse. Okay. Ouch. Insurance agreed to grind the stump, cut the tree off the fence and repair the fence. The neighbors greenhouse was his problem. That's right. And the 40 inches of tree or the 40 feet of shree between the stump and the fence hadn't caused any damage, so it was my problem. Yes. Chop and drop. He said, we changed carriers. And the insurance carrier. There was no need to do that because if you read your policy, chances are, first of all, understand what insurance is ensuring. Okay? Insurance is not ensuring that land. Right. So there's no basis for them to pay to get rid of that tree. I'm surprised they ground the stump. Really? Now, the issue was get the tree off of the off of the fence. Repair the fence if the fence belongs to that homeowner. If the fence belongs to the neighbor, then it is the neighbor's responsibility to Cal their insurance company because your insurance company did not ensure your neighbor's property. It could not make a homeowner more frustrated. That's right. Then somebody else is damaged. Messing up my home. And then I have to pay for it. Years ago, we had a huge oak tree hit hit one of our rental houses. And this was, this was upwards of hundred, $5 million 60,000 claim. It was a large claim. That the next door neighbor's tree fell on the house. Well, the next door neighbor's insurance did not ensure my rental house I did. Right. So obviously my insurance company had to take care of my asset.

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