Author Michael Foley Talks About His Book 'Dining With the Saints'


Guys, I'm happy to welcome back to the podcast. before, doctor Michael foley. He's a theologian, Professor of patristics in the great text program at Baylor university, Professor of theology at the Aquinas institute, but I love these titles of his books, drinking with the same drinking with saint Nick and the politically incorrect guide to Christianity. We're going to talk about his book called dining with the saints, I think a very appropriate topic on Saint Patrick's Day. Doctor foley, thanks for joining me. Great to great to have you. I think you can see I've got the appropriate. I don't know if this is the right shade of green, but as you can imagine, I'm not really. Well, I'm not Irish. I guess I could maybe I should change d'souza to oh, Sousa. And then I then be I then be, I could then play the baby I identify as Irish. Okay. These days we're allowed to do that sort of thing. Talk to me about Saint Patrick's Day. It's a day, I didn't have any knowledge of before I came to the United States, and who was this guy with Saint Patrick, the guy who was who evangelized Ireland, is he what brought these crazy Irish people into the folds of Christian couldn't have been an easy task and that he did he used some large buckets of alcohol to get the job done? Well, he was a real person and you're absolutely right. He was the person who brought the faith to Ireland, there was an earlier missionary actually who tried and ran from the place screening. The iris was such a hard nut to crack. But he got a commission from the Pope to bring the faith to Ireland and by all historical accounts he did. He almost single handedly within his own lifetime, turned an entire island from being druids, which was a very dark and sinister religion into Christians. So it really is a singular accomplishment.

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