Dick Morris: Cancel DirecTV, AT&T for Censoring Newsmax


You've been very nice and encouraging people to call in. I feel like I'm on the Jerry Lewis telephone. Operators are standing by, but we're getting 10,000 calls a day to direct TV into 2018. Canceling their subscriptions canceling their service and signing up with other companies. So can I just give the phone numbers out? I'm sure you've done that, but absolutely. Go right ahead, Jack. Go right ahead. The number for direct TV is 8 7 7. 7 6 three. 9 7 6 two. That's 8 7 7 7 6 three. 9 7 6 two. And the phone number is the ATT is 8 8 8 8 three three. I'm sorry, two to me three 8. 88, 88. 8, 8, three, three. Three, two, three, 8. And we'll share those numbers again in just a minute, dick, and again, I just think people need to understand what we're dealing with here. You know, I spent 15 years employed at the competitors over at avenue of the Americas, and I know you spent a lot of time over at that shop. And what Chris ruddy is doing at newsmax is really the early days of Fox and assembling an incredible team that is producing fair and balanced news and incredible commentary and the American people are hungry for that and we have seen that because of the massive jump in viewership.

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