Tony Perkins: The State of Faith, Family, and Freedom Address


You've got a big, big event happening tonight, and I wanted to talk about that. You are delivering your state of faith, family, and freedom address. That is tonight, FRC dot org is the landing page there. Tony, what is the state of faith family and freedom? Well, it's under assault by this administration. We're going to talk about the core value issues that define America. America was a great nation because it was a good nation that moral foundation has been steadily chipped away at over the centuries over the decades, especially the last 6 decades. This administration taking a jackhammer to accelerating the pace at which they are pounding this very foundation. So we're going to talk about those issues that the president will not touch tomorrow night or we'll be talking about the reverse side. I'm sure he's going to tout his administration's championing of quote unquote reproductive freedom essentially violating the law pushing abortion pills through the mail trends our children with as radical agenda coming out from the left. And so we're going to talk about that. But we're also going to highlight Todd, the fact that Americans have had enough and they're not waiting for Washington to solve the problems anymore. And so parents across the country are taking matters into their own hands, running for school board, electing school boards, protecting their children, we see more work in the pro life arena taking place. So there's a lot to be encouraged about as people realize that our faith, our families and our freedom. Really, they really are under attack.

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