Congress to vote on railroad workers contract


House is expected to vote today to force rail employees to keep working and accept a contract the Biden administration helped broker several months ago. 115,000 workers have already rejected that deal. Today's vote comes ahead of a possible strike as rail workers remain upset about a lack of paid sick days. However, Washington leaders are trying to avoid what could be a devastating blow to the economy. CBS News senior White House correspondent. Has more. If real workers walk off the job, it could wreak havoc on the supply chain and delay getting goods to store shelves, which might lead to prices going up on just about everything. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer said that he is working to get enough votes to pass the legislation. He's not sure if he's there yet. If Congress does not intervene, the strike could start next Friday. The rail workers unions, labor advocates and progressive lawmakers are still hoping to have a sick leave provision added to the new contract. Meantime, the Senate has passed landmark legislation to protect same sex and interracial marriage on a bipartisan vote of 61 to 36. We get details from WTO's Mitchell Miller on Capitol Hill. Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has praised for Republicans who joined Democrats in supporting the respect for marriage act, which would repeal a federal law that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Because of our work together

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