A highlight from Radical Confidence with Lisa Bilyeu


Did a BigQuery to my audience. A couple years ago and I said, you know, if you're not where you want to be in your health or with your weight or your body, why not? Thinking they'd say gluten or cheese or sugar or I don't like to exercise and it wasn't that at all. And what it really came down to was confidence and self worth. So I was super excited when my girlfriend Lisa Bill, you came out with radical confidence. And I was like, you must come talk about this. You must you must you must. And if you have not heard of Lisa, will Lisa and her husband Tom cofounded the quest nutrition company. And I met them a couple of years ago. I went and did Tom's impact theory and Lisa has also done a great show podcast women of impact. And so she's been really in it for years now and along the way she kind of realized something that was really her kryptonite could become her superpower. Someone let her explain all of that to you. Lisa, again, is the cofounder and president of impact theory studios, which is a revolutionary digital first studio producing original content focusing on the theme of empowerment. And she also is the author of this fabulous book. You will want to get for your success library radical confidence. She's also gifting us her four part confidence series. So I was really excited when she said this one. She has this her confidence workshop. She is gifting to us. And I'm going to put that at JJ virgin dot com slash Lisa B all right, I will be right back with

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