Adding Donald Trump To Jordan Peele's 'Us' Makes It Even More Chilling

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Your visit today at MoMA dot org. Watching us Jordan pills second movie after get out. I was reminded of a lot of things. I mean, nobody could have did his. Because it was sorta. A food things like Dario or Gento spuria one of my favorite most formative films isn't talk much does he? Is tongue that up and Wes Craven's people. Under the stairs. Only. Cut him trying to call for help on day. Daddy had to teach him speaking label, right? Totally thought about the move. It follows don't win the door. Fi. Everything's okay. And this British during author Helen OEM me who had this amazing book white is for witching about a set of twins living in a haunted house. Just as an aside, though, I have to say someone who loves the genre of horror Olot it was. So unbelievably delightful to see a har- film shared DNA with so many other classes on our films, but really just populated by black people. It's like something never see. It was really fun. I agree. It was satisfying to see black people in this movie and Jordan Peele is definitely paying a Mazda other horror films, but I feel like this movie is connected to something else to the thing that I coming back to over and over in terms of how a woman is both haunted by and hunted by pass trauma. Toni Morrison's beloved. Beloved is a book about a runaway slave named. Seth who. Now lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. The book takes place in eighteen seventy three which is eighteen years after she skipped a plantation that they called sweet home, which was located in Kentucky. And it's been ten years since the emancipation proclamation was read, which in theory, and slavery. Portrait of a woman trying to make sense of her life and herself host and slave men. Mhm? The

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