4 adults, 2 children, shot at baby shower in Chicago


'em, Chicago police still looking for whoever shot six people two of them children. It happened at a baby shower in Inglewood last night. Here's WGN's Nancy hardy with the latest spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the Chicago police department is pulling for those injured especially in eight year old boy who was shot in the chest and back on. Rendered for state when they saw that that young boy injured by gunfire. So we are we're really pulling for him and detectives having stopped working this case since it happened ten year old girl was shot in the shin as well as for adults police believe two gunmen came on foot at around six twenty one and fired into the crowd gathered near sixty third Sealy for a baby shower possibly in retaliation for an earlier incident. Guglielmi says the reviewing police cameras to check if a red SUV seen in the area is

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