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Is being five is in Washington. But you know, vice president wasn't watching season one yet, apparently not he missed it. And then this will I choose to believe that his bringing Josh to make the argument with Russell despite his protestation or his denial is in fact, a setup I think the whole thing is really well played by will. Right. I think it's great. He tries to announce to Josh that he tried to talk the vice president out of it. And you know, Josh bristles makes fun of everything about it. But really will is trying to enlist him and bring in you know, some muscle to bolster his arguments. Vice president handle a flag burning in the White House. What would you tell them today? I would tell him to shut up. I would tell them to show a little loyalty to the president and his family. But then I'd have to explain to him. What loyalty is wouldn't I time to do that? Now. He's like, look I tried to do it. But I couldn't oh my own maybe you can help. And I think he's telling the truth. I think he really couldn't talk the guy out of it. So I choose not to. Leave that. You think he didn't try very hard? He's just saying it to Josh. Yeah. Maybe it's just because I'm being defensive and wills part and the idea that he's so pathetic. And so ineffective that he's like, I couldn't do it. But I bet Josh. I believe what will denies which is that this is just a setup that he believes that Russell is probably convinced persuadable impressionable enough to listen to a decent argument. And he wants Josh to be the one race. See that happen. Right. So he's seething the opportunity. That's my take. I like it. I find with that reading either way will is quite widely in the episode. He does bring Josh Allen. He does everything he can to make it happen. You know, he sets up the vice president with the idea that Josh should be the one running it. He gets Josh there to make the argument everything is really as well choreographed as it can be except for the final could across because Josh just bluntly tells him I don't want him to be the president bright, and that's kind of checkmate. Now, that's the end of the road. But Josh, I think does a great job making the argument that needs to be made to the vice president the vice president is really he's using the flag burning as a way to. Try and ramp things up. He scared of governor Baker popularity governor Baker who's played by Ed O'Neill. And

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