News in Brief 22 April 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations, the UN special Representative Libya and head of the UN mission in the country. Well, Gus on salami is continuing his efforts to try and deescalate military action in and around the capital Tripoli. The commander of the self-styled Libyan national army began an offensive to try and take the Libyan capital from forces backing the UN recognized government more than two weeks ago. Here's UN spokespersons to Fantasia wreak. We've correspondents in New York on Monday. Mr. Salam as progress he met with Tunisian foreign minister Cammie Gina we in Tunis with whom he discussed developments related to the clashes in southern Tripoli both asserted that the UN facilitated political process is the ideal in only way to solve the Libyan crisis. According to the UN office, coordinating humanitarian affairs, ocher thousands of civilians refugees and migrants during trapped in conflict -ffected areas. Unable to flee either because of fighting with attention and a statement released on Monday, ocher said that medical teams were working relentlessly to evacuate and. Care for people wounded in the conflict through the Tripoli flash. Appeal the humanitarian communities urgently called for ten point two million dollars to continue providing lifesaving relief, adding that humanitarian needs in Libya rapidly, increasing while funding levels remain, low traditional knowledge is at the core of indigenous identity culture and heritage the chair of the UN permanent forum on indigenous issues said at the annual launch event on Monday stressing that it must be protected and nor GAM who is a member of Finland Sami parliament and head of these semi councils human rights unit said the forum offers an opportunity to share innovations and practices developed an indigenous communities over centuries and millennia indigenous peoples live in some ninety countries represent five thousand different cultures and speak an overwhelming majority of the world's estimated six thousand seven hundred languages and while they make up less than six percent of the global population. Indigenous people account for fifteen percent of the world's poorest. According to the forum, MS no GAM encouraged, all Member States to. Keep children connected to their indigenous culture and community stressing that these languages enabled us to protect our traditional knowledge. Three top United Nations officials will visit Bangladesh late this week to highlight the need for supporting the humanitarian needs of almost a million ranger refugees. Now living in the country. The UN announced the visit of High Commissioner for refugees or UNHCR Filippo Grandi, the direct to Germany of the migration agency IOM Antonio Vitorino and the UN relief chief Mark Lowcock head of ocher. In a statement released on Monday in the capital Dakar, the delegation will hold talks with senior government officials, and then travelled to Cox's Bazar to meet refugees assess preparations under way ahead of the monsoon season. And visit UN support projects. The aim of visit to highlight the need to continue strong international support while solutions can be found for the safe dignified return of Hingis to me and more. Matt wells, UN news.

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