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Time on a thing, especially in the north facts people so easy on the precipice of just 'til memorial. Yeah. I think he's he's like a mixture things this time round some of its circumstance some of his the time in the blue year, some of it's just about about something Bob any balance because I'll let me share is like very rational worries me paranoid. Meet lot Myung Zion. Non-allies I can see that. He's I'm used to it. Now, it's been years of so and analyze what's going on a little bit. Definitely I think. I think the season or this time of year is just shakes tonight. So do I used to go rolling before Brassica? I'd be rolling. Remember feeling good by getting their Renault? Lease the eleven thinking share the little bottle dome for the day of concord dot thing and needs to get back into that. Really? And I've not been doing of so been Satan on me bad smoke. You'll all the way to watch light then ago. Yes, Steven Seagal. I've gotten into people camping found that very calming in. It you go on YouTube find a main Griff to do it every now and he's been doing it won't see once a month fund this year. Every. I mean, that's commendable. It's been shit on it. You've not enjoyed it. Being cold and alone New Year's resolution for this year. Of. I thought it was just to do less 'co. Gauguin's you bake will he'll be annoying. This folks go. Yeah. It'd be just thinking about what you told me today, actually. Because it's right. So he's watched this over podcast. Let's just reform. He said so would you stare into a torch for two hours before is it? Yeah. So there you have it blown by gentlemen. We've got we've got the router in our bedroom were moving out by Susan side. It won't really. Big old change. I think nothing that's really important. Really important. Definitely definitely a lot. I do a lot of. I'm trying to stay open at the moment. So I can get used to. So when I get out of that because medication that say if change time I'll take it can fought with the and with the time difference. I'm trying to get used to taking a bit last solo at the end of the week. I've got to bed in I'm ready to go. You know, what I mean, some try stale lay? So I've been watching a lot fucking bullshit on a serial killers. Just the fun tastic. So these not found subsidy complete monsters is just fascinating in dude. The one common theme is absent father domineering mother is while pixel with that's the style. That's the style of what is about to be your development into eventually killing people. You know, you think about what it takes to kill another human being is fucking hard work. Not just mentally physically difficult, Edmund Kemp is Edmund Kemp Edmund Kemper, Google it. He'd be that guy. Like, I'm Joe Rogan. You

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