Kentucky star PJ Washington in walking boot for 'precautionary reasons'


Talk a little more about the university of Kentucky's upcoming journey to the NC double A, hopefully, final four for them. But so we do have some reason at least to pause nothing cataclysmic Jewish yet. But according to the school, he is in a walking boot and has been at least and Sunday night. This is for precautionary reasons. The school will not add anything else to that Cal Tucker and others tweeted this out there in Jacksonville. And they'll be some more comment. It's it's impossible to jump to too many conclusions. Yeah, you put somebody in a boot for precautionary reasons. But there's very often a reason why you put someone in a boot. It's because there is something going on with the foot the ankle or. Or more. So that that is something we'll follow very closely. I think cats can certainly negotiate Abilene without him. But who knows after

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