Boeing 737 Max approval documents subpoenaed by fraud unit


CBS news says the Justice Department's fraud unit has subpoenaed documents from Boeing related to the approval process for the 737 Macs. More from CBS news correspondent, Motorola. Langi for over a week. The plane has been subject to a worldwide grounding in while Boeing and others tried to determine what went wrong, the aircraft manufacturer is itself under investigation, these kind of cases hinge on what did Bowie know. And when did they know it, and who did they tell about it or not tell about sources, tell CBS news that the Justice Department's fraud unit is looking into Boeing issuing a subpoena for documents records and data related to the seven thirty seven max approval process. Meanwhile, Boeing says it will no longer charge airlines extra for a warning system that can alert pilots to a sensor failure. It had been offered as an eighty thousand dollar option on seven thirty seven max aircraft, those planes cost about one hundred twenty million dollars a piece it appears neither of the max that have crashed in the past six months where equipped with

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