Man charged with sending bombs to Trump critics pleads guilty


The man charged with sending pie. Pipebombs to the media and critics of President Trump last fall pled guilty this afternoon, WCBS MAC, Rosenberg with more from Manhattan federal courts, withdrew his original not guilty plea this afternoon, and has now pleaded guilty to sixty five criminal counts. In this case. The fifty seven year old admitted to the judge all almost in a whisper that he sent sixteen devices designed to look like bombs to prominent Democrats like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters and CNN back in October. Those devices had the return address of former Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and none of the pipebombs exploded sack was living in Florida at the time of his arrest in a van riddled with stickers of President Trump even held without bail since his arrest. The now faces a maximum of life in prison at his sentencing in

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