Motoweek - Qatar MotoGP Test Review!


But he was also complaining again that he was struggling with the front end of the bike. And that was the same thing that played Cal last season talked about the front tire getting overheated and traffic his consistent. Issue was with the front of that bike. And this goes back to what we were talking about with Honda's a whole that something that affects Marc Marquez a little bit ends up being a much bigger problem for all of the non Marc Marquez riders out there. So there definitely is work to do. And the great thing for how to for Cal is if they're working on it, and they come up with some sort of solution to make things better. They only have to get like fifty percent of the way there in terms of making it perfect for Cal. And it probably will be perfect at that point for Mark. So that's one of the examples of how having that very experienced rotter on a current year bike that's not afraid to and is willing to once voices opinion. Then that helps them overall because. Yeah, maybe they're a little bit behind in that department the start the season because Cal was her Mark was her Lorenzo was hurt. Everybody was hurt. But they'll be able to make up that ground more quickly than some of the other teams because they've got the experiences. Someone like Cal crutch slow pushing. Car from behind and it helps Mark in front in the process now getting back to Cal for a second do not expect because of the injury because of the time off because of the development problems don't expect the kind of start two thousand nineteen like Cal had in two thousand eighteen skim. Take him a little bit longer. S- probably going to be a slow start for Honda all around except from art Marquez. But eventually he'll get back to where he was in the last night. I want to talk about before we do winners and losers all the way down in nineteen th place near the bottom of the chart Yoahan's ARCO, and he is not as much as I want him to. He is not making the type of progress either. He or the team won now courting to everybody involved. They thought they had something they could work with in the first couple of days, and then they lost the handle and then Zarko crashed and messed up the bike, and they had to rebuild it. And then in the end, I mentioned this earlier they went back to the one thing that I thought they should avoid at all costs in this test. They started swapping out Amiri departs, hoping the find some magic Lorenzo gas tank like combination for Johann, but I'll tell you. I mean, I get why they did it especially if they wrecked the bike. They're gonna put it back together. Anyway, you know, put some stuff on there. But it's too late in the game for that. They've run out of time. And now they have no choice but to finish their preseason development in season. And I'm sure it's disappointment because ARCO couldn't match his teammates pace. And like I said a bit earlier he hasn't looked like that number one rider. They were out to get when they signed him. And so they've got a lot of work to do. Now. The good news for Zarco is the poll seems to feel better. And better each time. He gets on the bike, and that could be important because remember the one thing those two riders have in common is that they both road tech three Auma Hawes, and they both pull his head to make that transition that Zarco is making now. So you know with. A little bit of advice. If Zarco is willing to take it who knows everybody's got a big ego. But if Johan is willing to take some advice from pole that might help smooth over the process and the things that a spa grow fines that are making the bike better for Spago may make the bike better for Zarko as well. But I don't know one hundred percent because I don't know if they really agree on writing philosophy or on how they like the bike set-up.

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