Bryce Harper, Atlanta Braves And White Sox discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


What a start for the Mariners seven in one. After a two game. Sweep of the angels. They were scheduled to return to action tomorrow in Chicago against the White Sox, but due to lousy weather. They will instead play that game to get that series underway on Friday hall of Famer Bobby Cox, the Atlanta Braves former longtime manager has been admitted into an Atlanta area hospital Braves manager, Brian snicker, telling the Associated Press that he reached out to Cox's family and was very concerned. But couldn't share details of his condition. The Cleveland Indians may have some injury issues. Bullpen worries and payroll problems. But they're said a manager of the club signing Terry Francona to a two year extension Bryce Harper in the Philadelphia Phillies foreign oh for the first time since nineteen fifteen when they opened ADA no on their way to the National League pennant. Harper has been a driving force after signing a three hundred thirty million dollar thirteen year deal crushing his third Homer in his first game at Washington since ending his seven year tenure with the nationals and that home run was followed by an epic bat.

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