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Getting situation rebounded by Mario late. The over to Oliver Oliver coming up short on his twenty foot shot attempt for the Panthers Paul goes out of bounds as well. So that's going to be. Vikings ball with a minute and a half or meeting in the game fifty six forty two villa Angeles. Saint Joseph second back in the game Jona wag event. Jason prior Jordan Kowloon bringing the ball up the court over to complement nearly thrown by prior Koppelman under all kinds of pressure by the Panthers hands it off over the Jordan Kowloon winked across court over to Mead need holding the ball Alexander guarding him garbage park looked to come over and double theme. Jordan, Calhoun, fouled by Reggie fire. Minute eleven remaining in the ball game fourteen point lead for the Vikings. Jordan Calhoun is going to be going looking for his point for point on the evening time with the free throw line and strongest Jordan Calhoun. But he was shooting. Dribbling the ball taking his time. Jordan calhoun. Putting it up and he missed the second free throw is well two minutes remaining in the game fourteen point advantage for the Vikings Alexander up top the Garvan Clark driving back over to Alexander Alexander putting up the three point shot through strong rebound by TV hardy, put it back in couldn't get it to fall down rebounded by the Viking. In the ball punched out of bounds. And. Going going in the hands of ASA and the Vikings going this one fifty two seconds remaining. The Viking cooking. Inbound the ball. Jason prior full court press. By the Yukon Panthers over to Kowloon back over to Jason fire over the cow Hoon over Joan away guarded by hardy over the Koppelman. Finding a cutting Jason Freia reaching foul by Reggie prior. Gonna put chasing the free throw line stopping the clock. Thirty eight seconds to go in the game. Forty two to villa. Angela St. Joseph Viking would like they have this one in hand at this point. Which bay Wozniak couple of the in the game in the first action here tonight could be Sean Johnston coming getting back into game for the second time. Viking going to be going on to victory number thirteen on the season and the move to thirteen and four Panthers going to drop the twelve and six but the very close game up until. Midway through the third quarter of play Panthers. Inbounding the ball Leithy over the Garvan Clark. Govern clark. Over the Oliver over the Reggie prior on the right wing. Reggie prior boss or dangerous pass over to Alexander Alexander taking strong to the basket, and they're gonna say he was fouled. With twenty three seconds remaining in the game. Fifty eight forty two the Vikings up big over the home team Euclid Panthers. Alexander looking at you. Two free throws for the Panthers. And he missed that first one which fell Alexander had two big three points in the third quarter of competition. That was part of that run. The Panthers made they got them within one point. And after that the Vikings went on the run and really had. No looking back is Alexander out in that second one for free throw for the Panthers. Twenty seconds to go in the game. Fifty eight forty three the Vikings up big over top of the Panthers going away at the top. Of the keys to get over to Jason prior ball out of his hands by Fabian, thirty five seconds to go in the game. And it's gonna remain biking balls. Vikings. Look the inbound it fifty eight forty three. Viking with the victory here tonight going away. Dribble. It out four three one. Battery night special radio W, I N t people are bringing it action here today. Glad you joined us hold outside. But it was warm and tonight as I needed to win the one and only one could move on to victory number thirteen and that ends up being the b g. Bosniak over his brother TJ Wozniak in this one. Here is. Liking end up winning it by fourteen points. On the road. Southbound rivals the Panthers. -gratulations the DAS. Jay, we're gonna come on back for the hosts game show..

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