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Ball. Finding Garvin Clark a top. Like a defense about two three zone defense for the Vikings that's causing some pretty you answers carbon Clark trying to find an open man and nearly turning the ball over his rag heads hands on it back and hands the Clark drive in the basket taking it which in in the air from his right to his left, hand and fouled by the A. S J Viking. So stop and o'clock with six oh, one remaining in the first half of play junior point guard carbon Clark going to be going to the line. He's got three points on the night looking to get his team back in the ball game with those Bosniak Banton squad Darvin Clark in and out on that first free throw with that. Carbon parts of the loan was junior in starting lineup for the Euclid Panthers. Joined by seniors. Mario late Pavia tardy. He Sean Steve Reggie prior. Wozniak pre-game. Than any of them. Governor Clark in hit the second of two free. Throws four points on a night for Garvan Clark five remaining in the second quarter played twenty one to nine Viking with the advantage of Ukwa highschool Hadid driving to pay off putting Jason fry couldn't finish. So going the other direction garbage are taking it coast to coast for the basket. Twenty one to eleven now trying to get back in the game or the Euclid Panthers. And a couple. At the point for carbon park. Being aggressive pretty equal Panthers. How who'd bring the ball up for the Vikings. Finding a pick and taken into the paint. Throws the ball up and no foul called rebounded by the Panthers on the ruin Garvan park cutting. Mario lacy taking it up strong thinking about maybe even. That baby home. But before he can do that. He was fouled by the Viking a little bit of momentum out answers to get back in this one, ladies and gentlemen, and Mario lacy going to be going through the free throw line. He's got two points on the evening. Five twenty six the meeting in the first half of play for the number to twenty one to eleven the Vikings with a ten point lead Lacey. The southbound shooter too strong and free throw attempt could not connect getting to the line for free throw number two. Mario lacey. Having a good season is senior front court man for the Euclid Panthers. Taking his time with the free throw line. The left. It up and strong on that one rebounded Viking Shona wag. Jumping over the foot of Richard prior. Passes it over to Jason fire for the Vikings. Couldn't connect on that fifteen Puerto rebounded by the Panthers going the other way Garvan Clark running point guard over the Reggie watts now in the game, Reggie walks. Back up top the Garvin park back over to Watson's going to think about a three point shot who strong rebounded by teeth and fire of the Viking Calhoun. The fourteen who running point over the wag Joan away. Deep on the left wing over to hide deed. How d- thrive in the paint over the chasing try on the front court traveling violation. Jason prior. And I think he saw that one. Signaling from the Panthers bench. For traveling violation. So the Panthers with the ball ready prior bringing the ball up the court being hounded full court. A meat. I should say Brian all kinds of pressure by Hamid. The now top to Octavia party. Nearly valid. Going up and grabbing it with Garvin Clark who's that was destined for me and my partner at the broadcast table. The ball up under the basket getting it to go in and the foul to a chance grew to three point play opportunities. Garvan Clark trying to will team back into it in the second quarter play five points now for the Panthers and quarter number two for Garvin park and eight points on the night junior point guard twenty one thirteen the Vikings over top of the Panthers park puts it up and does complete that three point play opportunity covering Clark now six points a quarter number two Kowloon bringing the ball up taking his time for the ASPCA. Viking Calhoun being guarded by. Reggie watts. Five or in the first half of play twenty one fourteen the Vikings over top of the Euclid Panthers. Calhoun being guarded by Reggie watts. Again, this time over there Graham Koppelman back over to Calhoun up top the Joan wag wearing shorts inside out with a tag hanging out that must be good luck charm being guarded by Mario lady at the court to the other side of the left wing over to Jordan Calhoun being guarded. I read back to Jordan wag ragging guarded by. Mario late. Colin. The nation on defense. Some intensity. I and actually a little bit of talking back and forth between Lacey and Joanna wag is time out on the court for the BSA Vikings coach bay Wozniak wanted to talk about a little bit with his team is the team hasn't scored for few minutes. It's about the. Five minute, Mark. And they let off the second quarter with the flurry of points. Number one, Pete and had made it hit back to back three point shots. And then there was. Free throws by Jason prior. But the Viking having scored then and the Panthers have most notably Garvan Clark with points in that leading the Panthers hack into this game. They find themselves down by seven point out. They were down by five following quarter. Number one twenty one to four AFC Vikings on the road of the Euclid Panthers. And a good matchup here. Twelve win teams who the better teams in northeastern Ohio the Vikings and the Panthers me stolen by Garvan. Clark. The other way. Got tripped up with his momentum. Jordan Calhoun, going the other way trying to three point shot rebounded by late teen court over Reggie prior fire looking to drive the plate. Putting it up underneath the basket. He's fouled is ready. Brian look like a man on a mission. Trying to take it to the basket. Stopping clock. Once again, the Euclid Panthers going to the free throw line three a one remaining in the first half of play. Ritchie prior senior stand out from Panthers. One point on the night. Line and drink to free throw attempts. Taking the time tonight Duckworth number two for PJ Wozniak came twenty one to fifteen K over top Euclid prior. Mickey the second of two free throws, so pointedly providing twenty one fifteen Jona wag a pop over to Jordan Calhoun Calhoun being guarded by Mario Leithy pick size advantage there with Lacey garden Kowloon over to Joan of wag gonna wag being guarded by Duckworth gonna wag Boston over and taking it out over to Jordan Calhoun trying to three point shot. Short rebounded by Harvey Harvey quickly over to carbon taking it. Basket with the left data finger roll he couldn't believe he ended up fight until that wide open cruise to the crews then for the loader. Now only down by four point the Panthers. Jordan Calhoun with the ball through the VISA. Viking minutes to go in the first half account petition. Queuing up another three point shot. Rate of the night all covered in the second quarter played Jaden need. Jaden me just when the Vikings needed it most they had scored it'd probably about four minutes in a meeting coming back up with another clutch three-pointer for the Vikings Panthers. Going the other way Duckworth over the Reggie Freia. Forty five minutes in the first half of play pry across court. The governor Clark queuing up at three point or too strong. Mario late being held by gram. Koppelman can't believe he got whistled for the foul. These tweeting with the official, but it sure looks like he may have been holding back. Mario leith. You tried to go up be guarded by two Vikings that ball was too strong and a three point attempt by Garvan Clark of the Panthers but half them in holding Lacey, and they called that foul the lacy going to be going back to the charity stripe viewpoints tonight night for Mario late numbers zero for the Panthers. Don shooter twenty four seventeen the Vikings up by seven points lacy. Putting it up on the one and one free throw attempts strong. Oh in nearly all fit the rebound of I ready, Brian. He's mad at himself because that ball ended up getting. Out of his hands and going out of bounds. Who's gonna be Viking ball with the minute. Thirty seven remaining in first half of play twenty four to seven s j over top of the Euclid Panthers. And we got Jordan Calhoun bringing the ball up the court for the Vikings. Being guarded by Mario Leithy. Mario Leithy getting down and dirty and defensive stance. Big dis advantage for Mario lacy garden..

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