For First-Time Head Coaches Brian Flores and Zac Taylor, It’s a Post-Super Bowl Scramble


Think you helped me I think you helped a lot of other people. I think you help rob. We're going to get a gratitude techs going. I'd love that genuinely I genuinely like you. I think you're great, dude. I wanna work with you. But more importantly, I want to be friends with Yellen. No, you I feel the same. You know, you make you make me a better person for sure you're one of the few people that made me there's there's people along the way I'm not saying, I think there's a lot of people that made me a better person. Like, there's been people on the show that I'm like, you know, what exactly by makes me a better person. Jennifer, love Hewitt makes me a better. Person than you made me a better person. Dax makes me a good person. Kristen bell, rob here. Not not as much. He makes you Denison. But was he's out the worst in you. Yeah. Maybe maybe maybe so Well, Chris Elvin? Thank you for allowing to be inside of you. What your handle at solo in grams at Sullivan tweets Sullivan Graham, sold in tweets, check, him out, man. This is us. He's brilliant camping on HBO tasers face guardians of the galaxy to. I mean, you're you're always working. He's going to work with the lead singer Dawes. I

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