Vatican hopes abuse summit will be turning point


Victims of clergy abuse requesting. The pope Francis. Consider their list of must take actions for the summit in Rome beginning on Thursday, focusing on the crisis in the Roman Catholic church KYW Steve tower reports Michael McDonald who is the leader of the Philadelphia chapter of snap the national priests sexual abuse survivor network hopes pope Francis takes immediate steps to demonstrate that he understands how deep the crisis is. And how far down the hallways of the Vatican. It stretches their best thinking has got them where they're at. Mcdonald's says he was abused by two priests over a two year period starting when he was eleven. Dating back to the early nineteen eighties. He says one of his abuser. Priests admitted to church officials his misdeeds there were two other boys that he had abused that same summer. He says there were three high ranking church officials in the room for that interview. The diocese simply handed him another parish. In fact, they hated him six more parishes up until he was defrocked in two thousand three. Mcdonald's says rather than go through church hierarchy to report cases of suspected abuse, priests deacons bishops and other church staff, should I go directly to their local law enforcement

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