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Nine three seven seven six is the number but Manny Machado spurns. A White Sox. Offer says yes to the San Diego Padres makes them interesting makes them relevant makes him so more who will closely need to be watched not necessarily by the Padres themselves. But by all of us because we will watch him. He is certainly. Not the one of the big two along with Bryce Harper. I would've wanted but it didn't come back to that. And it didn't come down to that. Harper was priority. One for virtually everybody. But if you didn't think you could get Bryce you become the White Sox and you become the Padres. And you say, okay, we like Machado. We do you hear me compare the numbers of these two they're so unbelievably similar over the terms of their seven-year careers. But the news is this. The news is Machado chose the Padres. Why why the Padres over the White Sox? Jeff passan MLB insider, the money wasn't similar. And that's the issue will. All right. The the White Sox had two hundred fifty million dollars guaranteed on the table. Two hundred fifty million dollars guaranteed is a lot different than three hundred million dollars guaranteed in the White Sox. Tried to be creative. You know? They added escalators in there that could take the deal reportedly. I haven't confirmed this myself, but reportedly up to three hundred fifty million dollars if he maxed out everything which is quite unlikely. But they thought that with the escalators in place that Manny Machado was going to take their offer. Because it was the most compelling clearly Manny Machado won at the guarantee. Oh, no question going with you. I last ESPN radio. So his deal with the Padres ten years three hundred million dollars. And he's got an opt out after five years. In other words. Let's go to San Diego. During

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