C.J. Anderson says Todd Gurley was 'more hurt than what we thought' when he signed with the Rams


Then we go out to Los Angeles and interesting a little bit of clarity surrounding the Rams and Todd Gurley. And you know, listen, we set at the time after the NFC championship game. And certainly with the lack of use in the Super Bowl. Even though there was the great smokescreen at the Todd Gurley was a great get a tremendous work in the Rams and were telling everybody that that he was. That was surrounded at game being a CBS event as we saw it that it's going to get his normal workload he didn't. And now we have a little bit of clarity is a C J Anderson attitude yesterday TASR by basically, saying, no, sir. Uncertain terms that you know, he was brought in Gurley was hurt worse than they initially thought. He was. L, and I've talked about this a lot as you said when this was going on in a poll season what NFC championship the Super Bowl and all this jazz. Girly weren't getting a lot of burn, you know. And I I'm not confused. But it's interesting to me that C J Anderson would say this publicly what a cameras face when you. Show McVeigh wouldn't say this like nobody else's was saying this after the Super Bowl after you've got your rear end kicked by the pats. Nobody was saying this about growing and that for him to say, I have no beef would CJ innocent. I'm just confused. Like, why wouldn't it's more about McVay? Why wouldn't the head coach status or the organization or Todd Todd Gurley? I understand you want to make it look like an excuse. I got from the athletes perspective. I think that's it. But usually the head coach will take the heat. He'll he'll sort of the athlete doesn't look soft. But let me say it. How do you come out after you told Gurley was said tell tell everyone all week long thou Gurley was healthy. Then how do you after the game? Then say he was what you gotta say that violation of NFL rule, you gotta figure something we've seen guys kind of finagle with this a little bit. They say things certainly there's ways you could skirt as you know, you got pre-game me a little banged up. Whatever I mean, he's got some soreness in wheel in something. Something's got. Had to be surprised at CJ. Girly and say, wait a second. You you couldn't run the ball because you were sore or your compounding the problem. Are you not? I mean, he lied to begin with right, right? Because girly clearly was hurt. He the the the whole notion that that Anderson was a better match up. I mean, it's hot girl. He's a top two running back in the sport. I mean, they had some some guys say, well, even at the Rams bay none as somebody had McVeigh talking about the matchup of C, J Anderson when you just gave girly what forty five million dollar extension, or whatever it was that was it. So I mean, you mean to tell me I'm gonna take a Jim Brown out of the game. Sanders out of the to get the backup some work because the fact that it can more north-south runner. No that that to me made no sense. So we all knew what the truth was tasked. But I don't think the Rams after they told everybody at CBS after they told everybody during the course of the week leading up to the Super Bowl that Gurley was a okay one hundred percent healthy after girly basically said as well after McVeigh said at that after the game after once again having little to no work or very limited work that saying well, listen all week long. Is he was about sixty percent. Well, listen the week. I don't think they could do that. I understand they face a massive fine. I understand what you're saying. And you're spot on you are. But the thing is, you know, this the week going into the Super Bowl the narrative Rams camp was loud and clear. Yeah. That you know, what I'm going with this Todd Gurley was going to run the ball. Todd Gurley was tweet now. But she loved the team everything he's rarely go, blah, blah, blah, talk girl talk girl Todd Gurley. And really he didn't do nothing touches in the Super Bowl. He did not. But isn't that TASR when you look back at a is not a case of gamesmanship could be it could be. But it could be it didn't work. I'm not telling you that could be right because why gave the patriots an advantage in their preparations. When do you want to make sure that everyone's a ok and one hundred percent healthy you want to sit in the notion of the pats have to prepare for one hundred percent Todd Gurley. Even though the Rams DOE that he's not. I mean, let's say what what Anderson said is basically what we all thought. I mean, there's nobody walking around gonna get a lot too at Starbucks and saying listen Anderson was I can understand why girly to got limited. No use. I mean, he was one hundred percent healthy. I mean, we we all thought that game. I I don't want to I. Yes. But for me, I was a little bit. I'm going to be honest. I know out here talking. I was out a little bit confused. I wasn't buying into the injury thing. I wasn't. I wasn't. I wasn't buying it. I think I said that here several times, I remember we serve as me. I wasn't by. Now, if CJ is telling the truth, and I was dead wrong. Now. I'll be wrong. That's fine. I felt like there was more to this than the guy's got an injured knee got guys hurt because there were clusters. They were burst. He would get on the field in the AFC championship in NFC champ should say in the end in the Super Bowl where he girly looked explosive. Looked awesome and bro. Nobody nobody. I didn't see maybe I'm slightly exaggerating. The bulk of those two games I did not see any member of medical staff on the sideline near Todd Gurley. And he was the thread of the broadcast. He was the conversation from the Rams offense aside where commentators for both those games will talking about girly. My point is I we've never really sure camera autumn a lot on the sideline, but we never saw trainer or anybody from the training staff talking to him. I'm not saying it didn't happen. But we never saw. Reported see that. But I mean lot there's I mean tasks we we've all watched girly run the football. We've all watched Anderson run the football would be a case of, you know, you're taking a top three players position out of the game for guy that just came off the cow graph. Yeah. No, no. I agree with you. Thanks. I know you know, that I know I know I it's just now I believe now we have regardless of what the motivation is for CJ and got some clarity. And he even said, you know, let's girlie one say, but it was the same knee that he got that. He suffered that he had the knee injury with when it came back to college. Right. Our it's the it's that day believes spring me. I mean, they brought him in. And I understand Anderson. Ran the ball. Really? Well, he did. And he's gonna get himself a job in two thousand nineteen in the National Football League and great for C J Anderson took advantage of an opportunity, but tasks we look at that game. And you say we'll house type girly not getting touches and it very similar a not not very similar. But when you take a starter off the field as we criticize the patriots two years ago in the Super Bowl when they take a quarter off the field. That's played in your saying. Why is he not play crown on a Sunday, and no clarity about that? Right dogs act. We we still don't know exactly. What went wrong there? And everyone says it was the match. Yup. That's nonsense. What a corner bells. Defensive place that doesn't play in the Super Bowl. You look down with girly. At least we have a little bit of clarity in terms of where that me wasn't where he was. And you're right. I I guess I'm just being thick-headed. But I don't think we'll go out and lie with do that. I don't hear is nothing a game for that. You know? I mean, he's actually protecting a guy that he's competing against that was on his team. You know what? I mean, the girl he's not going to be getting excuses. Right. Well, I respect that too. And here's what here's the other thing. It didn't come back to what the Rams, you know. Why didn't because Goth was brutal? Yeah. He really was. And you could say we want Cup. Cop wasn't there? You could say anybody can say what they want about Cup. And that and I know they have great chemistry. Goths gotta be a player with or without Carly or without some. I agree with you. And that and that gave them some cover. So I mean as bad as it was that scene girly on the field TASR. There were throws a GOP needed to me. And he was clearly undone by the defensive scheme by the

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