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Yeah. I mean you transferred. There is. Ceaseless you're like handicapped, and you can ask them to bring from the bar over. But which I am at the moment. So that's true work. Got about your ailment. Yeah. Yeah. That'll bit. We went to the Fillmore together. See stereolab you've done there. You know? I've I've saw I saw people there, and I saw the card against I really like the the Fillmore, it's one of my favorite place to see I like it too. Except for the insanely intense Pat down they do before you go in. But I don't know if they had done that. Then is that a longtime thing they've done. I feel like it is. Yeah, I feel like I've always had a deal with it. Posters because that's free posters. Read it. My alley. Yeah. Whenever I go to a show there. And for some reason, they don't have a poster I get really pissed. They didn't have it for the star lep show. Yeah. Another startup show. You went to another time. Yes. So speaking of which stereolab supposed to be touring this year that but nothing has come from it since I originally saw the that's that's another no brainer. Just like bouncer Bashan. Yeah. Once they that Toro just like this new sleater Kinney album. I'll go for that tour to saying here. Yeah. You haven't seen sleater Kinney? No. No, they're super awesome live. Yeah. Probably the best live act go in right now. Yes shit. Wait. What were we just talked my head had thought? And of course, that thought flew out of my brain like so much. Candy. Yeah. Anyway. Yeah. Lot of shows coming up. Yeah. There's a few that like of much else coming back around. And I don't think they have new album, although with them, you can't tell because they can see it takes them two weeks to put out a new album. It's still awesome. So maybe they have one forthcoming. I don't know about they're coming around..

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