Roundup trial: High-stakes trial over cancer claim begins

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A federal trial involving the popular weed killer roundup is set to begin today in San Francisco, kqei acuity is Raquel Maria. Dylan reports more than nine thousand people have sued. Bayer claiming roundup causes non-hodgkin's lymphoma, Edwin Harman's case was picked as a test trial in federal court for years. The sonoma's residents braid round up around his property to control poison oak. He was diagnosed with cancer in two thousand fifteen the EPA says, the primary chemical and roundup glyphosate is not carcinogenic to humans, but researchers with the World Health Organization say it probably is. Bayer says the herbicides has been an essential tool for farmers for the past forty years. It bought Monsanto for sixty three billion dollars last year, but Bayer's stock price plunged after a San Francisco state court awarded. Two hundred eighty nine million dollars to a school groundskeeper from Venetia in August damages were later reduced to seventy

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